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  1. TRẮC NGHIỆM MÔN TIẾNG ANH TRÌNH ĐỘ A2 NĂM 2019 You can do this test before using the book to help you choose what to study. Choose the correct answer, A, B or C, for each question. When you have finished, check your answers on page 223. The key tells you which units are most important for you. 1. Most university students on campus in their first year. A. lives xB. live C. are living 2. From this graph we can see that theeconomy at the moment. A. improves B. improve xC. is improving 3. They personal computerswhen my father was a student. A. hadn’t xB. didn’t have C. weren’t having 4. I want to be a practisingdoctor but now I’m more interested in research. A. was used to xB. used to C. would 5. The teacher us how to do theexperiment when the fire bell rang. A. showed B. shown xC. was showing 6. I finished my essay yesterday but . it in to the tutor yet. A. I’ve given xB. I haven’t given C. I didn’t give 7. the experiment three timesnow with different results each time! xA. We’ve done B. We did C. We’ve been doing 8. When I arrived the lecture so I didn’t find it easy to follow.
  2. A. started x B. had started C. had been starting 9. She well at school but thatchanged when she became friends witha different group of girls. A. did B. had done xC. had been doing 10. . the doctor at 2.00 thisafternoon so I can’t go to the lecture. xA. I’m seeing B. I see. C. I will see 11. My sister economics andpolitics when she goes to university. xA. is going to study B. studies C. will study 12. While we’re working on the project ourboss on a beach in Greece! A. will sit B. will have sat xC. will be sitting 13. If the trend continues, the averageincome by 107% by 2020. A. will increase xB. will have increased C. will be increasing 14. You can base your geographyassignment on country – itdoesn’t matter which. A. a B. some xC. any 15. There aren’t places left onthe course so you’d better apply soon. A. much xB. many C. lots of 16. I don’t know whether to accept the joboffer. It’s . xA. a difficult decision B. the difficult decision C. difficult decision
  3. 17. For those of you new to the company, this leaflet is full of . A. a valuable information B. the valuable information xC. valuable information 18. The manager interviewed candidates in turn. xA. each of the B. each C. every 19. I know it’s not much of a present but I made it . A. me B. myself xC. by myself 20. You should visit Bath. It’s city. A. a historical and interesting B. a historical interesting xC. an interesting historical 21. The government has released some data showing how schools arenot providing an adequate education to our children. xA. shocking B. shock C. shocked 22. You really should go to Namibia. The scenery is stunning and thepeople are very friendly. A. very B. fairly xC. absolutely 23. This factory produces some of cameras in the world. A. best xB. the best C. the most best 24. people live in the countrysidethan 100 years ago. A. Less B. Few , xC. Fewer 25. The bookshop the end of the road is excellent. xA. at B. on .
  4. C. in. 26. There were millions of people aroundthe world the football match live on television. A. watched xB. watching C. were watching 27. Scientists finally find a curefor the disease after years of research. xA. managed to B. can C. could 28. She got a terrible mark in the exam so she very hard at all. A. mustn’t have worked xB. can’t have worked C. didn’t work 29. What in order to get a permitto work in your country? xA. do I need to do B. must I do C. ought I do 30. When you write your essays you copy ideas from books without referencing them properly. xA. mustn’t B. don’t have to. C. have to 31. Doctors have us to cut downon salt in our diets if we want to reduce the risk of getting heart disease. A. insisted B. suggested xC. advised 32. this newspaper report, more women smoke than men nowadays. A. Apparently xB. According to C. Supposedly 33. My parents encouraged this course. xA. me to do B. me doing C. me do 34. What will you do if
  5. xA. you don’t get a good IELTS score? B. you didn’t get a good IELTS score? C. you won’t get a good IELTS score? 35. A recent government report has warnedthat we act immediately to reduce pollution, there will be serious consequences, for the planet. A. provided that B. in case xC. unless 36. If I didn’t have to work tonight, xA. I’d be able to relax now. B. I’m able to relax now. C. I’ll be able to relax now. 37. I wish that man tapping hisfingers on the table. It’s reallyannoying me. A. stopped B. had stopped xC. would stop 38. I’m aiming a band 7 in IELTS. A. on xB. for C. to 39. Do you have any knowledge .how our education system works? xA. of B. on . for 40. The minister is responsiblefor education has just resigned. A. which xB. who C. what 41. The University of St Andrews is the oldest university in Scotland. A which was founded in 1413 xB. which was founded in 1413, C , that was founded in 1413, 42. Many children these days do not have ahealthy diet. is possible thatthis is because less healthy foods are cheaper than healthy ones. A What B That xC It
  6. 43. The charity is trying to find ways tosave and the world’sendangered animal species. A the charity is trying to find ways to protect B to find ways to protect xC protect 44. In the past we threw a lot of ourkitchen waste away, but today many items such as plastic bottles and newspapers . xA are recycled B recycle C need recycling 45. I can’t pick you up from the station onWednesday because on thatday. A I’m fixing my car xB I’m having my car fixed C I need my car fixed 46. These drugs are the best medicine available as a treatment at the moment, they are expensive, unfortunately. xA although B because C so 47. Learning a foreign language is important because it helps you to understand othercultures better. . it can be auseful skill in many areas of work. A However, B Despite this, xC In addition, 48. I can’t go to the conference as I’ve got to do to Sydney on business. A Frankly xB Unfortunately C Personally 49. I think it’s useful to write anoutline of your essay before you start to write the first draft. A Interestingly, B Definitely, xC Personally, 50. The of dark red spots is one of the first signs of the disease. xA appearance B appearing C appear
  7. Quiz on Subject-Verb Agreement Select one answer from the choices provided after each sentence. 1. Either the physicians or the chief administrator going to make a decision. xA is B are 2. my boss or my sisters in the uniongoing to win this grievance? xA Is B Are 3. Some of the votes to have been miscounted. xA seem B seems 4. The tornadoes that tear through this county every spring more than just a nuisance. xA are B is 5.Everyone selected to serve on this jury to be willing to give up a lot of time. A have xB has 6.Kara Wolters, together with her teammates, xA presents B present 7. He seems to forget that there things to be done before he can graduate. xA are B is 8. There to be some people left in that town after yesterday's flood. xA have B has 9. Some of the grain to be contaminated. A appear xB appears 10. Three-quarters of the students against the tuition hike. A is xB are 11. Three-quarters of the student body against the tuition hike. xA is B are
  8. 12. A high percentage of the population voting for the new school. xA is B are 13. A high percentage of the people voting for the new school. A was xB were 14.Carlos is the only one of thosestudents who lived up to thepotential described in the yearbook. A has xB have 15.The Club, as well as the Society andthe Club, to submit aconstitution. A need xB needs 16.One of my best friends an extra on Seinfeld thisweek. A are xB is 17.Not only the students but also theirinstructor been called A have xB has 18. Most of the milk gone bad. Six gallons of milk still in there frigerator. xA has — are B have — is 19.Each and every student and instructorin this building for a newfacility. A hope xB hopes 20.The students and instructors each for a new facility by next year. A hopes xB hope 21.Rice and beans, my favorite dish, me of my native Puerto Rico. A remind xB reminds 22.A large number of voters still along straight-party lines. A votes xB vote
  9. 23. Four years a long time tospend away from your friends and family. A are xB is 24. Politics sometimes a dirtybusiness. A are xB is 25.To an outsider, the economics of this country to be in disarray. A seem xB seems Subjects and Verbs 1.Mark at the party last night. (A) were happy (B) happy was x(C) was happy (D) was he happy 2. a lot in the mountains. (A) Snows it (B) Is snowing x(C) It snows (D) Snowing is 3.Sarah and her husband the movies last Saturday. (A) Was going x(B) went to (C) they went (D) went they to 4.Chicago city in the Midwest. x (A) is an important (B) an important is (C) important is (D) is it important
  10. 5.The price of oil last month. x (A) fell (B) it fell (C) fell it (D) felt 6. important to have a good job. (A) Is it x(B) It’s (C) It (D) Is 7. a good concert. (A) People enjoys (B) Enjoy them (C) People they enjoy x(D) People enjoy 8. us with the vocabulary exercises. x(A) Our teacher helps (B) Always helps (C) Our teacher (D) Helps to 9. a lot of food at Jim’s house last weekend. (A) Ate we x(B) We ate (C) Ate (D) We 10.Every morning coffee with her breaklast. (A) Jane she drink (B) she drink (C) drinks x(D) Jane drinks
  11. SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT 1. Many people this city every year. (A) visits x(B) visit (C) is visiting (D) was visiting 2.Learning foreign languages important. x(A) is (B) are (C) have (D) are having 3.The music that they listen to them to relax. (A) help (B) are helping x(C) helps (D) helping 4.The articles that John has written difficult to understand. (A) has been (B) was x(C) are (D) is 5.Taking a trip to the mountains more fun than going to the beach. (A) are (B) were x(C) is (D) have been
  12. 6.The water in this swimming pool too cold. (A) are feeling (B) feel x(C) feels (D) was feeling 7.Exercising every day good for your health. (A) ere (B) he (C) were x(D) is 8.Going to the movies last night a lot of fun. (A) were x (B) was (C) are (D) being 9.The clothes in those boxes to my sister. x (A) belong (B) was belonging (C) is belonging (D) belongs 10. Some children too many toys. (A) has (B) has had x (C) have (D) is having
  13. I. Circle the best linking word or phrase to fill in each blank in the following sentences. 1.When you are first learning to type, the task seems hopeless. , you are often tempted to give up. A. For example xB. In fact C. But D. However 2.I soon rose to a position of importance in the firm, I was energetic, popular, andconscientious. A. thus B. because C. so xD. for 3. known as an industrial center, Hartford was the home of manufacturers of firearms,typewriters, bicycles, and even cars. A. Although B. Because xC. Once D. Owing to 4.Some students are nervous of computers or anything high-tech others enjoy newchallenges and regard learning how to use computers as a kind of game. A. and B. but xC. while D. ; however 5.Era suggested that rising wages were one of the primary causes of inflation thegovernment should take action to control wages. xA. , so B. for example, C. , therefore, D. because 6. the English teacher said was downright inspiring. A. That xB. What C. As
  14. D. When
  15. 7. My English book is a monument of boredom, is used mainly as a door stop. A. which B. that xC. , which D. , that 8.The world wouldn’t be a better place more people respected English teachers. A. if xB. unless C. except D. when 9. I have studied English for 10 years, I can’t communicate well with foreigners. A. but xB. yet C. however D. nonetheless 10. After a short time in England, I began to understand the English see Americans asloud and ill-mannered. A. whether B. what C. how xD. why 11. This film is for adult only; , children under 18 cannot be allowed to enter the cinema. a. otherwise b. for xc. therefore d. however 12. Local residents often find the months of July and August too hot; , foreigners from Western countries love to experience this weather. a. consequently b. also c. besides xd. nevertheless
  16. 13. Students studying in the UK can enjoy an excellent educational environment; , theirdegrees are worldwide accepted. xa. moreover b. still c. otherwise d. however 14. The old drainage pipelines must be maintained; , leakage will be unavoidable. a. therefore b. similarly c. on the contrary xd. otherwise 15. Many ads do give important information about products; , some of them are merelyhumorous or foolish. a. furthermore xb. however c. consequently d. at the same time 16. Some people are using motorbikes for transportation; , others are taking publicvehicles to get to their destination. a. hence b. otherwise c. therefore xd. besides 17. The new project received a lot of financial assistance from the WTO; , it could easilybe approved by the authority. xa. thus b. on the other hand c. on the contrary d. inaddition 18. Annette spent a year long to search for scholarship; , she did not get positive result. a. therefore b. moreover xc. still
  17. d. asa result 19. The Smiths are eating less and exercising more; , they can keep their weight down and stay in shape. xa. Consequently b. also c. nevertheless d. otherwise 20. Television is a prime source of home entertainment; , it is a cheap babysitter. xa. furthermore b. therefore c. accordingly d. on the contrary
  18. PRESENT TENSE 1.We always a present to Elsa on her birthday. (A) are taking (B) taking x(C) take (D) are taken 2.I Michael for years. x(A) have known (B) know (C) knowing (D) was known 3.Rita class every day. (A) not to attend x(B) doesn’t attend (C) not attending (D) isn’t attended 4.Kevin can’t talk on the phone because he dinner right now. x(A) is eating (B) eats (C) has eaten (D) has been eating 5.We since 5:00. (A) talk (B) are talking (C) talking x(D) have been talking 6. I don't want to go outside today because it . (A) rain (B) rains x(C) is raining (D) is rain 7.My parents in Florida since 1999. (A) has lived x(B) have lived (C) are living
  19. (D) live
  20. 8.Babies when they are hungry. x(A) cry (B) are crying (C) have been crying (D) cries 9.The store two sales so far this year. (A) is having (B) has been having (C) has x (D) has had 10.Mr. and Mrs. Wilson some disputes with their neighbors. (A) having x (B) have been having (C) have having (D) have been had
  21. PAST TENSE 1.I the house before you called. (A) leave (B) am leaving x (C) had left (D) had been leaving 2.The Wagners to Florida two years ago. x (A) moved (B) had been moving (C) move (D) will move 3.We to the baseball game when it started to rain. (A) are driving (B) drives (C) driven x(D) were driving 4.Louise was listening to the radio while she the house. (A) is cleaning x (B) was cleaning (C) had cleaned (D) will dean 5.Paul and Linda us to their party last weekend. (A) was inviting x(B) invited (C) had been inviting (D) will invite
  22. 6.It a lot last winter. (A) snows (B) has been snowing x (C) snowed (D) snow 7. We in the plane for hours when it finally, took off. x (A) had been sitting (B) have sat (C) will be sitting (D) will sit 8.Before the police arrived, the robbers . (A) run x (B) had run (C) have run (D) have been running 9, I on the bus when I dropped my wallet. (A) am getting (B) get (C) have gotten x (D) was getting 10.The telephone ten times before Patsy finally answered it. (A) rings (B) ringing x (C) had rung (D) is ringing
  23. FUTURE TENSE 1.Barbara that package to you tomorrow morning. (A) deliver x (B) is going to deliver (C) are going to deliver (D) delivering 2.By next month, I at this company for a year. (A) will work (B) will be working x (C) will have been working (D) am going to work 3.By the time this movie is over, we this entire bag of popcorn. x (A) will have eaten (B) are eating (C) are going to be eating (D) will be eaten 4.We soccer while you’re swimming at the pool. (A) were playing x(B) will have been playing (C) has been playing (D) are going to be playing 5.We for you tomorrow when you arrive at the airport. (A) are waiting x (B) will be waiting (C) wait (D) waited 6.The price of gasoline up again next month. x(A) will go (B) going (C) is going to (D) has gone 7.When we get to the party, everybody . (A) are dancing x (B) will be dancing (C) has danced
  24. (D) dances 8.My schedule's perfect! I in Rio de Janeiro just in time for Camaval. (A) be arriving x(B) will have arrived (C) arriving (D) arrive 9.I five new books by the time my vacation is over. x (A) will have read (B) be reading (C) have read (D) have been reading 10. Be careful. You into delicate negotiations at the conference next week (A) will have been entering (B) have entered x (C) are entering (D) will have entered
  25. STATIVE VERBS 1.Jack cold weather. (A) dislike (B) was disliking (C) is disliking x(D) dislikes 2. Carol and Sam really the present we gave them. x (A) love (B) was loving (C) loves (D) are loved 3.I need your advice because I about buying a new car. (A) thinks x(B) am thinking (C) thinking (D) think 4.I it's time to leave now, don’t you? (A) am thinking x(B) think (C) was thinking (D) thought 5.My parents to buy a new car this month. (A) is wanting (B) are wanting x(C) want (D) wants 6.When I walked in the door, I the telephone ring. x(A) heard (B) hear (C) was hearing (D) am hearing 7.We breakfast early this morning. (A) has (B) have been (C) having
  26. x(D) are having 8.Please be quiet because I to the radio right now. (A) listened (B) listen x(C) am listening (D) was listening 9.While Harry was walking to work, he a car accident x (A) saw (B) was seeing (C) sees (D) is seen 10.We a lot of interesting people when we lived in New Yc (A) were knowing x (B) knew (C) know (D) were known
  27. GERUNDS AND INFINITIVES 1.Kim dislikes to rock concerts because the music is too loud. (A) to go (B) goes x(C) going (D) gone 2. I’m afraid of alone at night. (A) to walk (B) walk (C) walked x (D) walking 3. My parents would like us next month. x (A) to visit (B) visit (C) visits (D) will visit 4. is fun when the weather’s hot. (A) Swam (B) Swim x (C) Swimming (D) Swims 5. We were so glad you last week. x (A) to see (B) saw (C) have seen (D) seen
  28. 6. John agreed us at 8:00. (A) meets x (B) to meet (C) meeting (D) met 7. My brother quit five years ago. (A) smokes (B) smoke (C) smoked x (D) smoking 8. You should leam the piano. x (A) to play (B) playing (C) will play (D) played 9. Sometimes Harry thinks about to another city. (A) to move x (B) moving (C) moves (D) move 10. My daughter will begin Chinese next semester. (A) will study x (B) to study (C) studies (D) study
  29. Exercises on Conditional Sentences I.Decide whether the following Conditional Sentences are Type I, II or II. 1.If he had dropped the vase, it would have broken. A Type I B Type II xC Type III 2.If you have to do the washing up, I will help you. xA Type I B Type II C Type III 3.If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning (song) A Type I xB Type II C Type III 4.I wouldn't run away if I saw a spider. A Type I xB Type II C Type III 5.We’d have given you a lift if you hadn't had your bike with you. A Type I B Type II xC Type III 6.If you had listened to me, the accident wouldn't have happened. A Type I B Type II xC Type III 7.If we don't get tickets for the concert, we'll stay at home. xA Type I B Type II C Type III 8.They'd go by bus if they didn't have a car. A Type I xB Type II C Type III
  30. 9.She'll hear us if you don't stop laughing. . xA Type I B Type II C Type III 10.He wouldn't have taken the bread if he hadn't been hungry. A Type I B Type II xC Type III III. Complete the Conditional Sentences with the correct form 1. If I stronger, I'd help you carry the piano. xA.were B.was C.am D.wil 2. If we'd seen you, we A. stopped B.would stopped xC.will stopped D. would have stopped 3. If we him tomorrow, we’ll say hello. xA. meet B.would meet C.met D. will meet 4. He would have repaired the car himself if he the tools. A.have had xB. had had C.has D.has had 5. If you drop the vase, it . A. break xB. will break C.broke D.would break 6. If I hadn't studied, I the exam. A.would have passed B.have passed
  31. C.haven’t passes xD. wouldn’t have passed 7. I wouldn't go to school by bus if I a driving licence. A.have B.have had xC.had D.would have 8. If she him every day, she’d be lovesick. xA.didn’t see B.doesn’t see C.weren’t see D.wasn’t see 9. I to London if I don't get a cheap flight. A.wouldn’t travel B.would travel xC.won’t travel D.don’t travel 10. We'd be stupid if we him about our secret. xA.told B.would told C.would have told D.tell 11. If I had time, I shopping with you. A.will go xB.would go C.go D.went 12. If you English, you will get along with them perfectly. xA.speak B.spoke C.would speak D.have spoken 13. If they had gone for a walk, they the lights off. A.would have turn B.would turn xC.would have turned
  32. D.would turned 14. If she to see us, we will go to the zoo. xA.comes B.come C.came D.were come 15. I would have told you, if I him. A.has seen xB.had seen C.saw D.had saw
  33. CONDITIONAL SENTENCES Choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence. 1. I'll help you with your homework if I time tomorrow. (A) will have x (B) have (C) would have (D) had 2.Tina and Doug always a walk after dinner if the weather is nice. (A) took (B) would have taken (C) will have taken x (D) take 3.If you had been more serious at your last job, you that promotion. (A) will get (B) get x (C) would have gotten (D) got 4.If that jacket so expensive, I would buy it. (A) wasn't x (B) weren't (C) isn’t (D) won’t be 5. Jack so many accidents if he drove more carefully. (A) would have x (B) wouldn’t have (C) won’t have (D) would have had 6. If you me about your birthday last month, I would have sent you a card. (A) remind (B) would remind (C) will remind x (D) had reminded 7.If we get to the restaurant early tonight, we to wait for a table. x (A) won’t have (B) hadn't
  34. (C) don’t have (D) wouldn't have 8.This apartment perfect if the rooms were a little bit larger. (A) were x (B) would be (C) wit! be (D) was 9. If you a pet bird, you’ll have to buy a cage, too. x (A) buy (B) will buy (C) bought (D) had bought 10.If it last weekend, we would have gone skiing. (A) snowed (B) would have snowed x (C) had snowed (D) would snow
  35. Choose the best clauses to fill in the blank. 1.If you'd told me you were coming, . A.I can get some food in xB. I’d have found us something to eat C. I made a lovely dish D. I’ll buy some more food 2.If you’re not coming, . A.we had not been in such trouble xB. you may need to tell me C. we’d never met D. you’d be so lucky 3.If you’re too ill to come, . xA. I’ll come over and see you B. I wouldn’t have done all this for you C. I asked someone else D. I’d have come to see you 4. If you do decide to come, . A.the party’s always a success B. we would have been so happy C.I won’t be coming either xD. let me know 5.If I’d known you weren’t coming, . A. I had come too B. 1 would like to know why xC. I wouldn’t have gone to so much trouble D. I hadn’t been so upset 6. , the phone will be cut off. A. If you paid the phone bill today xB. Unless you pay the phone bill today C. On condition that you had paid the phone bill before D. In case you have paid the phone bill 7. if I were you. A. These wires would look dangerous B. You should not touch these wires xC. I would not touch these wires D. These wires were dangerous to you not to me 8. we would have lost the match. xA. Unless the goal-keeper had played well B. But for the goal-keeper’s heroics C. If it were not for the goal-keeper D. Because the goal-keeper was good 9.If only you’d come, . A. I’ll be the happiest girl alive
  36. B. I’ll understand why xC. I’d have had a lovely time D. I would look forward to it 10.If they offered you the job, ? A. will you accept it B have you accepted it C. would you have accepted it xD. do you think you would accept it
  37. Choose the best answer. 1.Exactly we can replace our soil disappearing through erosion is not known. xA. what B.how C.if D.because 2.Peasants spend most of their time on the ground, many speciesstay in trees at night. A. if xB. though C.because D.as well as 3.If it his wife’s money, he’d never be a director. A. was B.isn’t C.had had xD. were not for 4 any difficulty operating the machine, do not hesitate totelephone our service department. xA. Should you have B. If you should C. In case you have D. Unless you have 5. Take John's address with you, you have time to see him whenyou’re in London. A. if B. unless xC. in case D. so long as 6.The hurricane was so strong that it damaged the whole area itwas approaching or receding. xA. whether B. and if C. but D. because 7.What would you do if war ? A. break out B. will break out xC. were to break out D. breaks out 8.Send my regards to Lawrence you see him. xA. if B. in case C. whether D. provided 9.Be careful about the time. If you too long on the first question,you enough time to do the others properly. A. spent - would not have had B. had spent – would not have had C.had spent - would not have xD. spend - will not have 10.We’ll have to break the ice on the pond; otherwise the ducks swim. xA. are not able to B. will not be able to C. would not be able to D. would not have been able to
  38. Exercise 4: Choose the correct form of the verbs 1.The first hamburgers in Connecticut in 1895. A. are sold xB. were sold C. sold D. have been sold 2.She has just had her book . A. publish B. be published C. to publish xD. published 3.Hamburgers favorite in America in the early century. xA. became B. becomes C. has become D. was become 4. A new chairman by our staff. A.choose B. chose xC. was chosen D. have been chosen 5.Their popularity much more after the Second WorldWar. A. grow xB. grew C. is grown D. has grown 6. The farmers got their crops earlier than they hadexpected. A. pick B. has picked xC. picked D. was picked 7. Applicants send in their CVs. A. ask to B.asked C. asked to xD. are asked to 8. A small design fault on our latest chip. A. has found B.found C. find xD.has been found 9.The shipment is going . xA. to be delayed B. delay C. to delay D. delayed 10.Our secretary your letter to Head Office. xA. has forwarded B. forward C.forwarded D. was forwarded
  39. PASSIVE VOICE 1.somebody cleans the room everyday. A. The room everyday is cleaned. B. The roon is everyday cleaned. xC. The room is cleaned everyday. D. The room is cleaned by somebody everyday. 2.They cancelled all flights because offog. A. All flights because of fog were cancelled. xB. All flights were cancelled because of fog. C. All flights were because of fog cancelled. D. All flights were cancelled by them because of fog, 3. People don’t use this road very often. xA. This road is not used very often B. Not very often this road is not used. C. This road very often is not used. D. This road not very often is used. 4.Somebody accused me of stealing money. A. I was accused by somebody of stealing money. xB. I was accused of stealing money. C. I was accused of stealing money by somebody D. I was accused stealing money. 5.How do people learn languages.? xA. How are languages learned? B. How are languages learned by people ? C. How languages are learned? D. Languages are learned how? 6.people warned us not to go out alone. A. We were warned not going out alone. B. We were warned not to go out alone by people. C. We weren’t warned to go out alone. xD. We were warned not to go out alone. 7.Somebody is using the computer at the moment. xA. The computer is being used at the moment B. The computer at the moment is being used. C. The computer is being used by somebody at the moment.
  40. D. The computer is used at the moment.
  41. 8. I didn’t realise that somebody was recording our conservation A. I didn’t realize that our conversation was recorded xB. I didn't realise that our conversation was being recorded C. I didn’t realized that our conversation was being recorded by somebody. D. Our conversation wasn’t realized to be recorded 9.We found that they had cancelled the game. xA. We found that the game had been cancelled. B. The game had been cancelled. C. We found that the game had been cancelled by them. D. The game were found to be cancelled. 10. They are building a new highway around the city. xA. A new highway is being built around the city. B. A new highway is being built around the city by them. C. A new highway around the city is being built. D. Around the city a new highway is being built. 11.They have built a new hospital near the airport. A. A new hospital has been built near the airport by them. B. A new hospital near the airport has been built. xC. A new hospital has been built near the airport. D. Near the airport a new hospital has been. 12.People should send their complaints to the head office. xA. Complaints should be sent to the head office. B. Complaints should be sent to the head office by people. C. Their complaints should be sent to the head office. D. Their complaints to the head office should be sent. 13.They had to postpone the meeting because of illness. xA. The meeting had to be postponed because of illness. B. The meeting because of illness be postponed. C. The meeting had to be postponed by them because of illness. D. The meeting because of illness had to be postponed. 14. Somebody might have stolen your car. A. Somebody might have stolen your car. B. Your car might be stolen. C. Your car might have been stolen by somebody. xD. Your car might have been stolen.