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  1. TỈNH ỦY LÂM ĐỒNG ĐẢNG CỘNG SẢN VIỆT NAM HỘI ĐỒNG THI NÂNG NGẠCH Lâm Đồng, ngày 01 tháng 7 năm 2022 * TÀI LIỆU ÔN THI NÂNG NGẠCH CHUYÊN VIÊN CHÍNH NĂM 2022 Số Số Câu hỏi Trả lời 1 Trả lời 2 Trả lời 3 Trả lời 4 TT câu TL 1 "There is only milk left you in the fridge", she cried out. 4 few a few some little a little 2 John was tired that he went to bed immediately 4 such so too very 3 We need to .a hotel room early. 4 book to book booked booking 4 Do you have electric typewriters now? 4 some any more much 5 John bought that old book just three dollars. 4 with at for by 6 I'm afraid I've got my bank as soon as possible. 4 go to go to go to going 7 It is to travel by plane than by car. 4 best more good better best 8 Tom: You look very tired. Alice: I papers all day. 4 have been marking had been marking am marking had marked 9 My mother works at a supermarket. She 5 dollars an hour. 4 pays brings takes earns 10 Phan Rang is much than Dalat. 4 a hot hotter more hot hottest 11 Ready fot the party. I am, too. 4 Everybody are Every people is Every people are Everyone is 12 Yesterday, I doing my homework. I will do it tonight. 4 forgot forget forgets forgotten 13 We need milk. I am going to the now. 4 store grocery bank shop 14 We our examinations next week. 4 take took takes are going to take 15 Mary and I went to the cinema last night. The film was very 4 interested interesting interest interestingly 16 When the house is not occupied, it is 4 rented timid valueless vacant 17 They tried to get well together. 4 on in by off 18 You could depend Mary for this. 4 with in from on It is a sad fact that very few books published each year toward are neither good nor bad 19 4 have a bad effect do a great deal of damage make a significant contribution improving men's relationship with each other. when it comes 20 He has to the bookstore. He has bought some good books. 4 gone been had go 21 John doesn’t like tennis, and 4 Mary doesn't too either doesn't Mary neither does Mary Mary doesn't neither 22 If I got a scholarship to USA, my parents very happy. 4 will be would be will have been would have been 23 "The response I got from her really drove me crazy", he sighed. 4 few a few little a little 24 John is who noticed that. 4 the single the only only one the only one 25 Would you mind that one more time? 4 to repeat repeating repeat for repeating The Director has just gone on his leave. He gets four weeks' holiday a 26 year and he is taking it all at the same time. So if you wish to see him, come 4 annual temporary regular permanent back in a month's time. 27 Do you think there is any life on the moon? 4 terrible wonderful unusual intelligent 28 I am I am free now. I can have a drink now. 4 finish to finish finish to finished 29 Do you know pen this is? 4 whom whose who of who 30 people can live without any money. 4 Few A few Little A little 31 Would you mind .to the doctor with me now? 4 going to go go to go 32 Could you tell them there anymore? It is not allowed. 4 don’t smoke not smoking not smoke not to smoke
  2. 33 he leaves or I leave. 4 Neither Only Unless Either 34 We missed the bus. It gone when we came to the station. 4 was did has had 35 to Professor Martin since last Monday? 4 Did you talk Have you talked Had you talked Do you talk 36 If you had worked hard, you the exam. 4 would pass pass passed would have passed 37 They can join the club when they a bit older. 4 will have got will get get are getting 38 The girl you met this morning in the library was my younger sister. 4 who which whose whom 39 If you your money to mine, we shall have enough. 4 add combine join unite We am looking forward to July we could go to Japan for one week 40 4 when where which who on holiday. 41 I'll phone you as soon as I in London. 4 make arrive reach got 42 We decided at home this afternoon. 4 staying stayed stay to stay Both men realized what was happening, but could do anything 43 4 neither them either them neither of them either of them about it. 44 That man kept the same thing again and again. 4 repeat to repeat repeat to repeating 45 They our party at about eleven last night 4 leave left leaves have left My mother asked me where I had My mother asked me where I My mother asked me where I My mother asked me where 46 My mother asked me, “Where were you last night?” 4 been. was last night. had gone. I went. 47 His son with us for about nine days by now. 4 have lived has lived had lived lived 48 Last year I all of my books in my office. 4 keep kept have kept has kept 49 Good bye Alice. See you Monday 4 in on at during 50 I'm afraid I my gloves when I was walking home. 4 lost will loose has lost have lost 51 The speed of light is the speed of sound. 4 as fast faster much faster than the fastest 52 She prefers cycling driving. 4 than for to as 53 Mary used to visit you quite often, ? 4 didn't she doesn't she wouldn't she hadn't she 54 Why did he push the door so 4 hardly hard hardy hardily After the way she treated you, if I in your place, I wouldn't return the 55 4 be am was were call. 56 If you want to pass the exam, you .to work hard. 4 have has Having had 57 I think that you had better earlier so that you can get to class on time. 4 to start to get up to start to get up start getting up to get up 58 I have finished typing all the last page. 4 until but to for 59 My sister plans to work part-time when her son school next year. 4 will start starts is starting start 60 You can't just the man simply because you do not agree with him. 4 insult and defame enhance and defame insult and input animate and destroy 61 I love listening classical music 4 about to from on 62 It raining here in Dalat for almost 2 weeks. 3 - has been is was 63 If that firm wants to attract workers, it must the pay. 4 lower raise spread rise The lung transplant operation was complicated and the doctors had to 64 4 broadly immediately extremely slightly take special care to ensure its success. 65 When I came to the bus stop, the bus already left. 4 did was has had 66 My big boss is very interested sports. 4 at in to of
  3. I am glad so many people have passed the test. In fact, there were 67 4 little a little few a few who haven't. 68 Have you ever to New York before? Yes, I have. 4 gone been go going Mr. Walker's new fitted so badly across the shoulders that he took it 69 4 skirt shirt sheet strap back to the shop to complain. 70 Somebody my umbrella. I don’t know where it is now. 4 takes took has taken take 71 I'll go on holiday I can. 4 as soon as as until how 72 Vinfast cars in Vietnam in 2010 for the first time. 4 were sold sold sells selling 73 Would you like that for you? 4 me doing me to do me do that I do 74 They our new products before. 4 never see are never going to see have never seen didn't see 75 She said she to me, but she didn't. 4 would have written will have written would write will write 76 Did you remember some milk on the way back home? 4 buying having bought to have bought to buy 77 If it so late, we could have coffee. 4 wasn't isn't weren't not be 78 Frankly, I'd rather you anything about it for the time being. 4 do didn't do don't didn't 79 Alice is the girl in this class. She can touch the ceiling of the room. 4 biggest tallest highest largest 80 I wish that the weather not so warm. 4 was be were is 81 I walked away as calmly as I could they would think I was the thief. 4 or else to avoid owing to in case 82 That mobile-phone is too for me to buy. 4 cheap expensive inexpensive old 83 Although he has , his poor writing often clouds his thoughts. 4 a good penmanship excellent ideas good grammar good instructors 84 She's gone already? And I am only minutes late! 4 few a few little a little 85 When he was questioned by the police, the thief didn't the truth. 4 say reply answer tell 86 I was tired that I went to bed immediately 4 so such very too 87 To get money for some purpose is to 4 raise it donate it promote it increase it 88 I ran quickly late. 4 in order to be not in order not to be not in order to be in order to not be 89 Where have you ? I have been looking for you. 4 gone been had go 90 I bought for you yesterday. 4 a trouser a pair of trousers a trousers the trouser 91 A: What does he do for a living? B: He is . 4 bus driver a bus driver bus' driver a bus's driver 92 . there in time, we must start now. 4 Be Being To be Is They have made a lot of progress the day the country became 93 4 for since before until independent. 94 Dalat is twice Bao Loc. 4 bigger than as bigger as as big as more bigger than 95 They are hanging up their clothes to make them 4 dry being dry drying dried 96 John and Mary greeted very nicely. 4 himself herself themselves each other 97 Come here tomorrow and your books with you. 4 take bring fetch hold 98 It’s very dark here: please switch the light 4 off up on in 99 Is it shining ourside? No, is quite dark. 4 they its it’s it 100 Mary is a friend of We help each other a lot in life. 4 me my mine I 101 When do you go bed? 4 to to the in in the 102 Timmy is a jacket. 4 wearing carrying having holding
  4. 103 Johny went abroad last year. abroad before. 4 He had never been He had been never He never went He went never 104 Would you mind the door? 4 open to open opening to opening 105 . your glasses on the table? 4 Is Are These This 106 A: you? B Yes, please get my luggage from the car. 4 Do I help Have I help Can I help Am I helping 107 . form of transport is as popular as the private car. 4 No other No others None other Nothing other 108 What were you about? 4 talking talked talk had talked 109 We haven’t heard the result was. 4 what which that when 110 This is the second time that you have been here, ? 4 is it haven’t you don’t you isn’t it 111 We gave looking for her when it started to rain heavily. 4 up in off out 112 I think John is a boy. 4 clever intelligent beautiful pretty 113 Is there a place .I can buy some tennis shoes? 4 when where at where in there 114 you angry with him? 4 Do Why Are Have A: You’ve been sick quite a few times since you arrived. B: I just can’t 115 4 have used get used be used used to the cold weather. 116 She looks very tired. She all morning. 4 works was worked is working has been working 117 Please give the message to is at the desk! 4 that what whomever whoever 118 We are looking forward you soon. 4 of seeing for seeing to see to seeing 119 Alice for a job for some weeks but she has not found one. 4 is looking looks has looked has been looking 120 Would you mind the window? 4 open to open opening not to open 121 a car parking outside outr house. 4 It’s There is That’s Is 122 Mom gave us cakes. I had the 4 most smallest more small smaller smallest 123 After the battle, the soldiers were helped by those who could walk. 4 damaged wounded broken killed 124 I apologise not writing sooner. 3 of for to - 125 I I could speak French well. But I can't. 4 know want wish like 126 I do think you ought much harder. 4 working is working work to to work 127 His teacher made him very hard. 4 work to work work to be working 128 We Spanish for about two years so far. 4 have studied had studied study studied 129 I it with Tom and Jane a month ago. 4 have discussed had discussed discussed discusses 130 I think tigers run than lions do. 4 faster much fast than the fastest as fast 131 We eat soup with spoon. 3 a a the the - - - a 132 No-one answers the telephone. They 4 must have left should have left need have left can have left likes English. They want to study Japanese. They 133 4 Neither them Either them Neither of them Either of them hate English. If you want to find good information about graduate programs in the United 134 4 volume two volume second the volume two second volume States, look in of the College Blue Books. 135 It is getting dark. Let’s go .now. 4 to house home to home housing 136 It is raining. We need to drive 4 careful carefully care careless 137 Mary at a supermarket. She makes 5 dollars an hour. 4 works work working to work 138 If you take a train or a bus, you must pay 4 tips fares fees commissions 139 I used to .swimming more often than I do now. 4 go going went gone 140 My younger brother entered university 4 when eighteen years were her age when She had eighteen years at age eighteen years old at the age of eighteen
  5. Someone must have taken my umbrella. I clearly remember it on the table 141 4 to leave have left leaving had left and now it has gone. 142 their tickets, they went into the theatre. 4 Having bought Bought Buying To buy 143 She said: “I you now.” 4 understand am understanding understood will understand 144 My teacher said: “It’s no use to school if you to work hard.” 4 going / do not ready go / do not ready go / are not ready going / are not ready 145 Do you mind such a long way to work every day? 4 travel to travel traveling traveled 146 My mother said; “Your room looks dirty. It needs ” 4 to clean cleaning clean cleaned 147 John always has his clothes at the dry cleaners. 4 clean cleaned cleaning to clean 148 Are you familiar this type of exercise? 4 on of with in 149 That film was .good! I’ve never seen an interesting film. 4 such/so so/such such/such so/so much 150 The first European . was built in Spain in 1150. 4 paper meal paper milk paper mill paper mile Last night the wind was so strong that it some leaves through the open 151 4 blue blew blow blown window. Mary is worried. Her plane leaves in forty minutes, and she’s stuck in a traffic jam. 152 4 fail fall late miss She might it. 153 Before leaving the lab, you should all the lights and machines. 4 turn over turn down turn on turn off 154 He didn’t hear the phone because when it rang, he a shower. 4 was having had having has had 155 The house which we are living is not in very good condition. 4 at for on in 156 I’d rather at home than go to a bad film. 4 to stay staying stayed stay Ann: “We haven’t got any rice left.” 157 4 will buy am going to buy am would Mary: “Oh, it’s on my shopping list. I . buy some.” 158 The telephone rang but Mark didn’t hear it. He asleep. 4 must be must have been were have been 159 The boy tried .why he came home late, but his mother didn’t listen. 4 to explain explaining explain explained 160 The child was told to .for being rude to his aunt. 4 apologize forgive tell understand 161 According to the timetable, the bus at 10 a.m. 4 leave leaves left has left 162 When he a bath, the phone rang. 4 has is having was having had 163 Both Lan and Hoa are keen on in the mountain in the winter months. 4 going to ski going ski go skiing going skiing 164 This is a .article, and I was .by something I read recently. 4 worrying/ surprised worrying/ surprising surprised/ worried surprised/worrying A: living in the country is more relaxing? I sorry, I don’t agree/ Yes, maybe I’m not sure about that/ No, 165 4 What about you/ I agree with Do you think/ Yes, definitely. B: .I hate noise of the city. you’re right. definitely not. Mai works called The Daily Times. She 166 4 as a journalist/ for a newspaper for a newspaper/ as a journalist for a journalist/ as a newspaper as a newspaper/ for a journalist works . I’m planning and live somewhere hot, like the Caribbean. I’m really 167 4 to go/spending/getting going/spend/get go/spending/get to go/spend/getting looking forward to every day at the beach and a suntan. 168 Many people now think that teachers give pupils homework. 4 too many too much a few lots 169 Mary told me that her pupils enjoyed volleyball after school. 4 to play played play playing My sister a guide book to Brazil now. She and my 170 4 will read/ are having is reading/ are having reads/ has is reading/ have mother a holiday there next month. 171 Are you planning .anything next weekend? 4 to do do doing done This desk is narrower my old one, and the computer doesn’t fit 172 4 as/ good than/ well as/ well than/ as very on it.
  6. 173 Nowadays, teenagers are much we were. 4 patient than more patient than the most patient patient My mother .me an email yesterday. She a computer for six 174 4 sent/ has had sent/ had has sent/ has had sent/ is having months, and she loves it. 175 You .your mother – the same eyes. 4 look like like would like don’t like 176 No one is as intelligent as Tom => Tom is person in this village. 4 as intelligent as him more intelligent the most intelligent intelligent than no one. My father is certainly in the family. I laugh a lot when I’m with 177 4 more funny less funny the most funniest the funniest him. 178 He thinks his grandchildren are not .he was. 4 as helpful as helpful as as helpful than much helpful than 179 You can join the club when you a bit older. 4 will have got will get get are getting 180 I’ll phone as soon as I to London. 4 make get reach got 181 We decided at home this afternoon. 4 staying stayed stay to stay 182 He kept the same thing again and again. 4 repeat to repeat repeat to repeating 183 They our party about eleven last night. 4 leave left leaves have left 184 Paul with us for about nine days by now. 4 have lived has lived are living lived 185 I’m afraid I my gloves when I was walking home. 4 lost will loose has lost have lost After the way she treated you, if I in your place, I wouldn’t return the 186 4 be am was were call. 187 I have finished typing all the last page. 4 until but to for 188 If that firm wants to attract workers, it must the pay. 4 lower raise spread rise I am glad so many people have passed the test. In fact, there were who 189 4 little a little few a few haven’t. 190 Who are all people? 4 this those them that 191 I don’t know people here. 4 many much a lot few 192 We live near the river. 3 of from by - 193 John is a good worker: he works very ___. 4 hardly hard good many 194 Let’s a party! 4 do have set make 195 The radio’s much too loud: please turn it 4 out low up down – Would you like some sugar ? 196 4 a little little a few few - Yes, please, just 197 They say he has money. 4 a lot of plenty lots many 198 How much time do you your homework? 4 make at bring to give for spend on 199 My father is man. 4 an old a old not young not an young 200 Millions of cigarettes every year. 4 is smoke are smoking are smoked are smoke 201 If he does not given me advice, I again. 4 would fail would be failed will fail failed 202 Do you really believe ghosts? 4 in for on about 203 I enjoyed her again after all this time. 4 seeing see to see to seeing 204 I am sorry that I can’t your invitation. 4 take accept agree have 205 His parents never allowed him 4 a smoking smoking to smoke some smoked 206 He took a taxi he wouldn’t be late. 4 less unless so that even so 207 My cousin bank manager. 4 is a makes is he is 208 Claude is 4 Frenchman a French a Frenchman French man 209 She smokes . 4 very heavily much very heavy lot
  7. 210 She’s talking to you. Please listen to 4 she hers her him 211 This isn’t Bob’s car. is a sports car. 4 He His He’s My 212 Jack always to his office by car. 4 is going goes go has gone 213 I speak French Jenny. 4 more well that better than more good than better as 214 What would you like for your birthday? will do. 4 Anything None Something Somebody 215 The boy suffered a very bad headache. 4 of from by at 216 Always honest in whatever you do. 4 to be be are is – Your friend speaks English very well, doesn’t she? – Yes, she 217 4 has spoken spoken used to speak has to speak English since she was a little girl. 218 It is question. 4 not hard a easy an easy not an hard 219 – .? – It is ten past three. 4 What’s the time What’s the hour What our are they How the time 220 I’m no good French. 4 at on for by 221 Why a car? 4 don’t you got? haven’t you got? haven’t you get haven’t got you 222 I asked him 4 to not go away to go not away not to go away go not away 223 What your friend? Was she at the party? 4 time about did was 224 Of course she would come to the meeting if you her. 4 asked have asked will ask have been asked 225 The bank is on side of the street. 4 another other the other the rest 226 We are not used to in a cold climate. 4 lived live living lives 227 Would you like that for you? 4 me doing me to do me do that I do 228 They our new transistor radio before. 4 never see are never going to see have never seen didn’t see 229 She’s gone already? And I am only minutes late! 4 few a few little a little 230 When he was questioned by the police, the thief didn’t the truth. 4 say reply answer tell 231 I ran quickly late. 4 in order to be not in order not to be not in order to be in order to not be . having the best qualifications among all the applicants, Justin was not 232 4 Although While In spite of Despite of offered the job. the internet is very popular, many older people do not know how to use 233 4 However Nevertheless Even though Despite it. he wasn’t feeling very well, David was determined to take part in the 234 4 Although While Where as yet inter-university athletics meet 235 They were brave and persistent. , they had no chance of winning. 4 However While Although Whereas 236 I enjoy . alone. 4 be being to be to have been 237 Would you like to the party? 4 to come come coming to have come 238 Do you mind such a long way to work every day? 4 to travel travel to have traveled traveling 239 I don’t like that house. I would hate there. 4 live living to live to have lived 240 I would love to your wedding but it just isn’t possible. 4 come to come coming to have come 241 Sometime I’d like to play the piano. 4 to learn learn learning to have learned 242 Please remember this letter. 4 to post post posting to have posted We tried the fire out but we were unsuccessful. We had to call the 243 4 putting put to put to have put fire-brigade. 244 When you see John, remember him my regards. 4 to have given giving giving to give Someone must have taken my bag. I clearly remember it by window and 245 4 leave leaving to leave to have left now it has gone.
  8. My boss always thinks of the employees’ wishes and feelings. He 246 4 mature stubborn bright considerate is .towards them. I need a .of toothpaste, a of soap and a of toilet 247 4 bottle/ piece/ tube tube/ bottle/ pair tube/bar/roll packet/roll/pair paper. The first part of a meal is the , and the largest part of the meal is 248 4 dessert/ starter starter/ main course main course/ dessert starter/ dessert the 249 I can’t speak. I have got a___ 4 sore throat runny nose temperature headache 250 It’s very hot in the house. I need to in the fresh air. 4 take a break take time take years take a walk 251 Mary retired last year and enjoys life as a___. 4 teenager pensioner child young adult 252 You need a ___ when you are camping to see at night. 4 torch matches gas cooker bottle 253 You don’t need to hurry. You should ___ ___to do it carefully. 4 take a break take time take years take a walk 254 In this job, you need to go on business .all over the world. 4 tours trips journeys travels Alice always thinks about other people. She’s the most person I 255 4 selfish unselfish healthy unhealthy know. 256 Mary always plans her time very carefully. She is a (an) .person. 4 unhealthy organized moody ambitious 257 I tried to talk to David, but he won’t change his mind. He’s so 4 aggressive hard stubborn mature 258 “Here’s the money I promised,” he said. “I always ___ my promises.” 4 agree follow make keep 259 The hotel has special for disabled athletes. 4 enthusiasm facilities advancing effort 260 “Please . my sister! Thanks so much”. 4 send look after take off look for 261 I bought . yesterday. 4 a trouser a pair of trousers a trousers the trouser 262 What does he do for a living? He is . 4 bus driver a bus driver bus’ driver a bus’s driver 263 Yesterday, I came across an old in the street. 4 handicapped children acquaintance ethnic minority party-goer 264 Some scientists say that there are enough resources to .8 billion people. 4 support provide distribute raise 265 A: What’s the . of your country ? B: About 100 million people 4 population populate populated populating She complains noisily about anything she doesn't like. She is the type of person who 266 4 making a mistake making a complaint making a fuss making a date is always There was no mention of the incident in the national press. The word ‘press’ means 267 4 television newspaper internet radio 268 The 14th Asian Games attracted 9,919 from 44 countries. 4 participate participation participants participated 269 I just collect stamps from discarded envelopes. 4 thrown away given up got away done up The flight will take approximately three weeks. The word ‘approximately’ means 270 4 closely exactly about precisely . 271 Seventy-five percent of the earth’s are covered by sea and oceans. 4 flat resurface face surface 272 A ___is a film or a television program giving facts about something 4 comedy documentary drama cartoon 273 Computer is an ___ storage device which manages large collections of data. 4 electric electricity electronic electrify 274 Music can express one’s anger, love and 4 friends friendness friendship friendships 275 There is no doubt that Germany will host the World Cup 2006 successfully. 4 work organize drop welcome
  9. 276 We all love Dalat we often go on holiday in summers. 4 why where when that * Read the passages and circle the best answer Passage 1. Football or soccer, which is considered to be the most popular sport in the world, is a team sport played between two teams of eleven players using a spherical ball. The object of the game, which is played on a wide rectangular field with a goal on each end of the field, is to score by putting the ball into the adversary goal. The goal is kept by a goalkeeper who is allowed, at the exception of other players, to use his / her hands in the game. The winners are those who score the most goals. If the football (or soccer) match ends in a draw the two teams may be redirected to play extra time and / or penalty shootouts (each team taking turns to have a set number of kicks at the goal.) The way football is played now was first codified in England. Nowadays, it is governed by the FIFA, "Fédération Internationale de Football Association" (International Federation of Association Football.) The game is played now all over the world and competitions are organized nationally, continentally and internationally. The most prestigious of football competitions is the World Cup, which is held every four years. 1 Soccer, or football, is a(n) sport 4 unknown famous expensive spherical 2 Players cannot use their hands except 4 the referee the goalkeeper the winners no one 3 If the match is a draw, there may be .to see which team wins. 4 a penalty shootout a match again no match 2 more matches 4 FIFA football of the world 4 works with knows governs plays 5 Football is now played 4 in England only in World Cup only internationally just in some places Passage 2. George Lucas’s Star Wars changed the direction of American film with some of the most ingenious special effects contrived for movies of its time. Twenty-two months were spent on the special effects, including the six months needed to design the equipment and the more than 1,000 story boards for the effects sequences. A special computerized camera, called a Dykstraflex, was designed to give the illusion of real screen movement. This system , controlled by the camera operator, enabled him or her to pan, tilt, and track around the model, always keeping it in focus. The breakthrough was the camera’s ability to repeat the identical movements from shot to shot; thus the effects sequences could be built like a music track, layer upon layer. The illusion was complete: 10 none of the spaceships in Star Wars ever moved – only the camera did. The star-field backdrop in space was made by punching holes in black plexiglass. More than 75 models were constructed, with astonishing detail work. On the rebel blockade runner artists built a tiny cockpit, all done to scale. The miniaturized laser canons were fully motorized to swivel and tilt by remote control. The light sabers were four-sided blades coated with 15 reflective aluminum, attached to a small motor. When rotated, they created a flashing light later enhanced by animation. 6 The word “some” in paragraph 1 refers to 4 direction American films movies special effects
  10. In paragraph 1, the word “contrived” could be best replaced with which of 7 4 Utilized Created Performed Discovered the following? panning and tilting around a a special computerized 8 In paragraph 2, “this system” refers to 4 the creation of an illusion screen movement model camera 9 The word “it” in paragraph 2 refers to the _. 4 model camera focus system 10 The word “they” in paragraph 3 refers to the _. 4 miniaturized laser cannons artists four-sided blades seventy-five models Passage 3. Most people would say that the world’s tallest mountain is Mount Everest. This Mountain in the Himalayas is just over 29,000 feet high. However, if mountains are measured a little bit differently, then the tallest mountain on Earth is Mauna Kea, in the Hawaiian Islands. Mauna Kea is only about 14,000 feet above sea level, so in comparison to Mount Everest it just does not look anywhere near as high as Mount Everest to a person standing at sea level. Mauna Kea, however, does not begin at sea level. It rises from an ocean floor that is more than 16,000 feet below the surface of the water. This mountain therefore measures more than 30,000 feet from its base to its top, making it a higher mountain than Mount Everest. Mount Everest and Mauna Kea Mauna Kea could be Mount Everest is the world’s tallest Mauna Kea’s base is below sea 11 The main idea of the passage is that 4 are located in different parts of considered the tallest mountain level the world mountain in the world Many people believe it is the 12 Which of the following is NOT mentioned about Mount Everest? 4 It is part of the Himalayas. It is over 29,000 feet high. It rises from the ocean floor. world’s tallest mountain. According to the passage, Mauna Kea is how far above the level of the 13 4 14,000 feet 16,000 feet 29,000 feet 30,000 feet water? Mauna Kea is in a different It is implied in the passage that Mauna Kea does not seem as tall as Mount part of Mauna Kea is under 14 4 people do not want to look at it Mount Everest has more snow part of the world than Mount Everest because water Everest measures 16,000 feet from top to is completely covered with is more than half covered by is 1,000 feet shorter than 15 The passage indicates that Mauna Kea 4 bottom water water Mount Everest Passage 4. Three men chased a mugger into East Putney station, London, after he punched and kicked an elderly woman, but were turned back at the barrier because they had no tickets, it was stated at the Central Criminal Court yesterday. They were refused use of a telephone to call the police, so they bought platform tickets, went into the station and caught the attacker, a youth of 17. One of the pursuers had to go outside to make a 999 call. Mr Justice Melford Stevenson said the incident deserved to be brought to the attention of the railway authorities. He sent the mugger to jail for five years. Terry Tailor earlier had admitted assaulting Mrs Margaret Percy, aged 67, with intent to rob her. 16 An old lady was attacked and injured near a railway station in London. 2 TRUE FALSE Not in the text Not in the text According to the Judge, railway authorities deserve more attention in 17 2 TRUE FALSE Not in the text Not in the text emergencies. 18 Terry Tailor confessed that he had robbed someone before. 2 TRUE FALSE Not in the text Not in the text Three men were stopped by the police for trying to catch a train without 19 2 TRUE FALSE Not in the text Not in the text tickets. 20 Barriers are mostly used to prevent crimes at East Putney station. 2 TRUE FALSE Not in the text Not in the text