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  1. 600 SENTENCES OF CERTIFICATE A I. GRAMMAR (300 SENTENCES) 1. Is Susan home? a. in b. at c. on d. under > b 2. "Do the children go to school every day?" " " a. Yes, they go. b. Yes, they do. c. They go. d. No, they don't go. > b 3. What now? a. is the time b. does the time c. is time d. is it > a 4. They always go to school bicycle. a. with b. in c. on d. by > d 5. What color his new car? a. have b. is c. does d. are > b 6. Are there many students in Room 12? - " " a. Yes there are. b. Yes, they are. c. Some are. d. No they aren't. > a 7. You should do your before going to class. a. home work b. homework c. homeworks d. housework
  2. > b 8. Mr. Pike us English. a. teach b. teaches c. teaching d. to teach > b 9. Tom and are going to the birthday party together. a. I b. me c. my d. mine > a 10. Our English lessons are long. a. many b. much c. a lot of d. very > d 11. Bangkok is capital of Thailand. a. a b. one c. the d. an > c 12. Are you free Saturday? a. on b. at c. in d. into a 13. There are girls in our class. a. no b. not c. none d. none of > a 14. Let go for a walk. a. we b. us c. you d. our > b 15. What is your name? - name is Linda. a. Your
  3. b. His c. My d. Her > c 16. What's name? - His name is Henry. a. his b. her c. your d. my > a 17. I'm a pupil. - I'm a , too. a. teacher b. pupil c. student d. doctor > b 18. Is this your pencil? No, it isn't. It is pencil. a. his b. my c. your d. hers > a 19. Are these your coats? Yes they are a. their coats b. ours c. our coats d. yours > b 20. Are your free Friday evening? a. in b. at c. on d. from > c 21. There are six pencils the box. a. in b. at c. on d. into > a 22. Where is your mother? She's the kitchen. a. in
  4. b. on c. into d. at > a 23. How many pictures are there the wall? a. in b. on c. into d. at > b 24. Are you Vietnam? - Yes, I am. a. to b. on c. into d. from > d 25. I'm cleaning the floor. Can your help ? a. I b. me c. my d. mine > b 26. What are you doing? - are planting some trees. a. we b. us c. our d. ours > a 27. Mary is doing her homework and brother is helping her. a. she b. hers c. her d. she's > c 28. Jane's books are on the floor. Please, put on the table. a. they b. them c. their d. theirs > b 29. Please put this pencil in the box. - I'm putting in the box. a. it b. its c. them
  5. d. they > a 30. When's birthday? a. his b. he c. him d. he's > a 31. Whose bicycle is it? It's a. he b. her c. hers d. she > c 32. How old is ? a. she b. her c. hers d. his > a 33. There are eggs on the table. a. some b. any c. many d. much > a 34. Is there cheese on the table? a. some b. any c. many d. much > b 35. How cakes does she want? a. some b. any c. many d. much > c 36. Peter doesn't want eggs, but he wants some soup. a. some b. any c. many d. much > b 37. There is milk in the glass. a. some
  6. b. any c. many d. much > a 38. How meat do you want? a. some b. any c. many d. much > d 39. There isn't coffee in the cup. a. some b. any c. many d. much > b 40. They want coffee, but they don't want any bread. a. some b. any c. many d. much > a 41. Is this your pencil? No, it isn't. It's pencil. a. my b. her c. our d. hers > b 42. parents are workers. a. We b. They c. Our d. I > c 43. This is my new shirt. - Oh, color is pretty. a. it b. its c. their d. they > b 44. He is engineer. a. an b. a c. the d. no article > a
  7. 45. Your sister is a student and his sister is a student, a. both b. also c. and d. too > d 46. My brother is 6.68 m a. short b. tall c. taller d. shorter > b 47. My mother is 32 and my father is 43. My mother is younger my father. a. than b. as c. but d. and > a 48. I am teacher. a. the b. a c. an d. no article > b 49. My uncle is good engineer. a. the b. a c. an d. no article > b 50. That is eraser. a. the b. a c. an d. no article > c 51. We are both doctors. a. the b. a c. an d. no article > d 52. This is ink pot. a. the b. a
  8. c. an d. no article > c 53. They are tall. a. the b. a c. an d. no article > d 54. Hoa is good pupil. a. the b. a c. an d. no article > b 55. That is a bag. It is on table. a. the b. a c. an d. no article > a 56. We are in same class. a. the b. a c. an d. no article > a 57. Your book is the desk. a. at b. over c. on d. in > c 58. My pens and pencils are the table. a. at b. over c. on d. between > c 59. My family's picture is the wall. a. at b. over c. on d. opposite > c 60. Lan and Lien are the desk.
  9. a. at b. in c. on d. into > a 61. No ink is the pot. a. at b. in c. on d. over > b 62. We are work. a. at b. in c. on d. over > a 63. The cat is the dog and the mouse. a. at b. over c. between d. in > c 64. His house is the park. a. at b. over c. between d. opposite > d 65. Tom is not my teacher but he is a friend of a. me b. my c. I d. mine > d 66. Is that ruler yours or ? - It's , not mine. a. mine / your b. mine / yours c. my / your d. yours / mine > b 67. Who is that? It's sister. - name is Anne. a. Mary's / Her b. Mary / Her
  10. c. Mary / Hers d. Mary's / She > a 68. This is John. He is a friend of His wife is also friend. a. my / mine b. me / mine c. mine / my d. yours / my > c 69. Tom and Paul are good friends. are very kind to us. a. our / They b. our / Them c. our / Their d. ours / They > a 70. The teacher is speaking. We must to her. a. hear b. listen c. work d. talk > b 71. Nam is 1.7 m tall. His brother is 1.4 m tall. His brother is a. short b. thin c. tall d. fat > a 72. That book is not mine. It is , I think. a. her b. she c. hers d. your > c 73. Who is that? - It is a. book b. Mr. Pike c. ruler d. me > b 74. What is the weather like today? It's today. a. blue b. fine c. sad d. well > b 75. How are you? I am , thanks.
  11. a. eleven b. big c. well d. sad > c 76. My father is a doctor. Lan's father is a doctor, too. They are doctors. a. not b. both c. or d. and > b 77. Oh, look at that cat. is very nice tail is very long and nice. a. It / It's b. It / Its c. It's / Its d. It / It > b 78. This is our classroom, not Bob's. classroom is over there. isn't in the classroom now. a. His / He's b. His / His c. He's / His d. His / He > d 79. These are Bob and Boom. These books are not . are in the desk. a. their / Theirs b. theirs / Them c. theirs / Their d. theirs / Theirs > d 80. house is big but is small. a. Our / Theirs b. Ours / Their c. Our / Their d. Ours / Theirs > a 81. The Bakers English. a. is b. are c. was d. were > b 82. Let us to school. a. go b. going
  12. c. goes d. to go > a 83. Where are Kate and Jane? - They English exercises in the classroom. a. are doing b. is doing c. are going d. are going to do > a 84. Tom and Mary are pupils but Ann a. isn't b. are c. is d. aren't > a 85. What the Bakers at the moment? a. is / doing b. are / working c. are / doing d. is / working > c 86. How your parents? a. are b. is c. was d. were > a 87. What the weather like today? a. are b. is c. were d. was > b 88. It very hot yesterday. a. are b. is c. were d. was > d 89. My daughter is a teacher. My wife is a teacher, too. They both teachers. a. are b. is c. were d. was
  13. > a 90. Ben and Jim are a. architect b. engineer c. student d. brothers > d 91. What is it? It's half past six. a. color b. time c. name d. box > b 92. How many are there on the ceiling? a. clock b. maps c. lights d. picture > c 93. How many erasers are there on her ? a. desk b. wall c. chairs d. room > a 94. What's your sister doing? She's a book. a. singing b. reading c. teaching d. ringing > b 95. The shoes are Peter's. a. bus b. blouse c. both d. brown > d 96. Your are new, Hung. a. shirt b. blouse c. trousers d. hat > c 97. There are boys in our class. a. no b. not
  14. c. none d. no of > a 98. Is Susan home? a. on b. at c. in d. into > b 99. Shall go for a walk? a. us b. we c. you d. me > b 100. It is a quarter one. a. over b. pass c. past d. on > c 101. Are there many students in Room 513? a. Yes, they are b. No, they aren't c. Yes, there are d. No, there aren't > c 102. Pupils are learning a. English b. England c. in English d. in England > a 103. Let's play football. - Yes, a. lets b. we play c. let us do d. let's > d 104. Her birthday is November. a. in b. on c. at d. into > a
  15. 105. Maria is the radio. a. looking b. watching c. listening to c. hearing to > c 106. Let's go out to play now. - No, I am doing my homework. a. all right b. let's not c. we don't d. let's > b 107. My young brother can sing but I a. aren't b. can c. can't d. am not > c 108. When's your birthday? - It's a. in 1990 b. on May 20th c. in October d. in May 20th > b 109. Mr. Baker want a new raincoat? a. Does b. Do c. Can d. Must > a 110. The weather is hot in Vietnam a. in winter b. in summer c. in spring d. in autumn > b 111. Mr. Dickson is very tall and big. He needs a raincoat. a. large size b. short c. long and big d. long and small > c 112. George is short. He needs a. a large size
  16. b. a medium size c. a small size d. a big size > c 113. Excuse me! you speak English? a. Does b. Are c. Do d. Is > c 114. do you need, Annette? a. What b. When c. Where d. Which > a 115. Mary me the way to Ho Tay lake. a. gives b. shows c. tell d. told > b 116. That man brings every morning. a. them milk b. their milk c. milk them d. milk for them > a 117. Take these dishes and bowls the kitchen. a. in b. on c. at d. into > d 118. You to the seaside this summer. a. are going b. are going to go c. will go d. all are correct > d 119. I never at home on Sundays. a. stay b. stays c. don't stay d. all are correct > a
  17. 120. Listen! My sister in the next room. a. is singing b. sing c. is going to sing d. will sing > a 121. Your son morning exercises everyday. a. do b. does c. is doing d. are doing > b 122. Tomorrow my friend's birthday. I some flowers for her. a. is / will buy b. will be / will buy d. is / buy d. will be / buy > a 123. It's often warm summer and cool autumn. a. in / on b. one / in c. in / in d. at / in > c 124. Her birthday is August the third. She always gets a lot of presents her birthday. a. on / on b. in/ in c. on / in d. in / at > a 125. Nam is learning English his room and his dog is the desk. a. at / in b. at / on c. in / on d. in / under > d 126. Are you free today, Paul? No, I am very busy the housework. a. in / with b. on / of c. no word / with d. at / to > c 127. Bob, would you like to go the zoo us on Sunday. - I'd love to, but I am afraid not because I have a lot of exercises to do.
  18. a. with / to b. to / with c. to / to d. no word / with > b 128. Thanks ringing. I am going to see you at half seven. a. of / to b. for / to c. for / past d. of / over > c 129. Rebecca is English but she isn't England. She comes to Vietnam Thailand. a. from / in b. from / for c. for / from d. from / from > d 130. Look that strange man. He is looking Lan but Lan isn't here. a. for / at b. at / for c. at / at d. after / at > b 131. Count one one hundred, please. a. on / to b. to / on c. from / to d. to / to > c 132. Tom is engineer. a. the b. an c. a d. one > b 133. There is ink - pot on the desk. a. the b. a c. an d. some > c 134. What is color of your pen? a. the b. a c. an
  19. d. any > a 135. Kate and Mary are going to cinema. a. the b. a c. an d. no article > a 136. My parents are always at home on Sundays. a. the b. a c. an d. no article > d 137. What's weather like in winter in your country? a. the b. a c. an d. no article > a 138. Please, put these pencils in box. a. an b. the c. a d. no article > b 139. Listen to teacher, please. Don't talk in class. a. the b. a c. an d. no article > a 140. After dinner, I always wash dishes. a. an b. a c. the d. no article > c 141. I never to school on Sundays. a. go b. goes c. went d. don't go > a 142. Mrs. and Mr. Pike dinner at the moment. a. is having
  20. b. are having c. are eating d. b & c are correct > d 143. He eggs, bread and butter. a. is wanting b. doesn't want c. do want d. didn't want > b 144. What time he lunch? a. does / have b. do / have c. is / having d. does / has > a 145. I need a book but she a. needn't b. doesn't c. needs not d. don't > b 146. the Pikes in the garden now? a. Is / working b. Doesn't / working c. Are / working d. Do / work > c 147. There four seasons in a year. a. are b. be c. is d. am > a 148. There any sugar in the jar. a. isn't b. aren't c. is d. are > a 149. Mrs. Mary me English. a. teaching b. teaches c. teach d. doesn't teaches > b
  21. 150. We have much in the rainy season. a. rainy b. rain c. raining d. rains > b 151. The Bakers lunch a. having b. is having c. are having d. has > c 152. I don't have money a. much b. many c. no d. a few > a 153. is the best football team in our school. a. Our b. Ours c. We d. Our’s > b 154. Many retirers feel useless because they a. do volunteer work b. have limited incomes c. aren't working d. can't help themselves > c 155. "It's very painful! I've worked for a long time in my garden," the woman said. a. because b. for c. by d. as soon as > a 156. The woman has hurt her back for too long. a. to bend b. by bending c. for bending d. owing to you bend > b 157. A lot of passengers who in the ship crash are still suffering from shock. a. is
  22. b. are c. was d. were > d 158. "How many ships there in our merchant fleet?" Mr Pike asked me. a. had been b. have been c. had been d. are > d 159. I in this garage as a car mechanic for 15 years. a. has been working b. have been working c. had worked d. worked > b 160. The person who in charge of a car is the conductor. a. is b. are c. was d. were > a 161. She regretted how to ride a bicycle when she was young. a. not to learn b. not learning c. not having learnt d. b & c are correct > d 162. The doctor showed the patient to do some exercises. a. what b. why c. when d. how > d 163. The doctor told his friend all about the woman and asked him for his advice. a. meet b. meeting c. to meet d. he met > b 164. If I had taken your advice, I a better life. a. will have b. shall have c. would have
  23. d. would have had > d 165. We have got high inflation. That's why prices keep up. a. go b. to go c. going d. to going > c 166. They wanted to know why they it for her while she could do it by herself. a. did b. have done c. should do d. have to do > c 167. Firemen rescued several people from the floor of the blazing building. a. high b. top c. basement d. low >b 168. When the electricity failed, he a match to find the candles. a. rubbed b. scratched c. struck d. started > c 169. He filled in the necessary forms and for the job. a. appealed b. asked c. requested d. applied > d 170. She is traveling to work by train today because her car is being a. stopped b. broken c. serviced d. rented >c 171. The film lasted three hours with of 15 minutes between part one and part two. a. an interval b. a pause c. a stop d. an interruption
  24. > a 172. I'm very busy at the moment so it may take a time to answer your letters. a. little b. few c. small d. some >a 173. He was wearing a heavy overcoat to himself against the cold. a. conceal b. protect c. cover d. wrap > b 174. It took Michael a long time to find a pair of shoes that him. a. liked b. fitted c. agreed d. matched > b 175. the traffic was bad, I arrived on time. a. Although b. In spite of c. Despite d. Even > a 176. He was unwilling to explain the reason his absence. a. for b. why c. of d. that > a 177. John Jameson is a famous who stole five million pounds from a bank. a. crime b. criminal c. criminally d. criminality > b 178. your own business can cause a lot of financial worries. a. Manage b. Managing c. Manager d. Manageable > b
  25. 179. The surgeons tried their best to save his life, but unfortunately the operation was a. unsuccessfully b. successful c. successfulness d. unsuccessful >d 180. I understand what you are saying. a. perfect b. perfectly c. perfection d. imperfect > b 181. His promotion to manager was a popular . a. appoint b. appointed c. appointment d. appointee > c 182. A holiday in America can be cheap. a. surprise b. surprised c. surprising d. surprisingly > d 183. My colleagues are very pleasant, but the manager was a little a. unfriendly b. friendly c. friendship d. friendless > a 184. I this morning, and was late for school. a. sleep b. slept c. overslept d. oversleep > c 185. Mr. and Mrs. Brown are a couple but they are very kind to their neighbors' a. child / children b. children / children c. childish / child d. childless / children > d 186. The air is naturally by foreign matter such as plant pollens and dust.
  26. a. contaminated b. contaminate c. contamination d. contaminating > a 187. The heavily atmosphere in some industrial regions is called "smog", a word derived from "smoke" and "fog". a. pollute b. polluted c. pollution d. pollutant > b 188. Why are you always jealous other friends? a. with b. of c. for d. to > b 189. The form-master was suspicious my intention. a. about b. of c. on d. a & b are correct > d 190. He is confident his success in the final examination. a. about b. of c. on d. a & b are correct > b 191. I was angry myself for making such a stupid mistake. a. with b. of c. for d. to > a 192. They were furious me for not telling them the truth. a. with b. of c. for d. to > a 193. This chemical is harmful us. a. with b. of c. for
  27. d. to > d 194. The monitor is responsible our form-master the class. a. with / for b. for / to c. to / for d. with / to > c 195. We were surprised the way he behaves. It was quite out of character. a. about b. with c. at d. b & c are correct > c 196. These days everybody is aware the danger of smoking. a. about b. of c. on d. for > b 197. Are you still upset what I said to you yesterday? a. about b. of c. on d. for > a 198. We're short staff in our office at the moment. There aren't enough people to do the work that has to be done. a. in b. of c. at d. with > b 199. Scientists and engineers have invented filters and other methods of removing from industrial wastes. a. pollute b. polluted c. pollution d. pollutants > d 200. I'm sorry the smell in this room. It's just been painted. a. about b. of c. on d. with
  28. > a 201. She's quite nice but I wouldn't like to be married her. a. with b. on c. about d. to > d 202. We are always proud our country. a. of b. on c. about d. to > a 203. I felt sorry the children when they went holiday. It rained every day and they had to spend most of the time indoor. a. for / on b. about / on c. about / in d. for / in > a 204. It wasn't polite him to leave without saying a word. a. with b. to c. on d. of > d 205. Two things are very alike, so you say they are the each other. a. same with b. same as c. same like d. same about > b 206. You like chocolate, a. and I do either b. and me too c. and I too d. and so do I > d 207. a doctor, I must advise you to give up smoking. a. As b. To c. Like d. Else > a 208. Please find a bill for $50 for the advice a. gave you
  29. b. what I gave you c. which gave you d. I gave you > d 209. She said she meant him much. a. though b. like c. like as if d. as if > d 210. You play tennis I do. a. better than b. more good than c. more well d. more well than > a 211. a lot of other people, we managed to survive the recession. a. Contrary to b. In contrast to c. On the contrary with d. In contrast with > b 212. If you me, just say so. a. disagree with b. differ from c. differ with d. differ by > a 213. If you don't like this one, try something a. other b. more c. else d. another > c 214. How much should I charge giving her all that advice? a. by b. because of c. owing to d. for > d 215. A lot of houses in our neighborhood repairing. a. demand b. need c. require d. use > b
  30. 216. I didn't realize you were a foreigner. Your of English is very good. a. knowledge b. quality c. skill d. speech > c 217. Oh, dear, I see we've coffee. Do you mind drinking tea? a. done without b. gone off c. run out of d. turned out > c 218. I have a very bad for names. a. imagination b. memory c. mind d. thought > b 219. When someone is old he is in his second a. child b. childhood c. childish d. childlike > b 220. She is to leave as soon as possible. a. cautious b. anxious c. worried d. nervous > b 221. The coins are to be over a thousand years old. a. described b. said c. told d. mentioned > b 222. Who will Jean's cat while she is away? a. take care of b. take track of c. take advantage of d. get in touch with > a 223. I don't like your behavior. You are grown up but you are still a. childish / childlike b. childlike / childish
  31. c. childish / a child d. childlike / a child > a 224. "Do you think I to send my old lover a gift on her birthday?" Peter asked. a. should b. had better c. ought d. must > c 225. the rice so that it won't boil over. a. Set fire to b. Put an eye on c. Pay attention to d. Put an end to > b 226. John every new girl he meets. a. takes care of b. takes track of c. falls in love with d. gets in touch with > c 227. Do you the long distance telephone calls which you make in your office each month? a. pay attention to b. keep track of c. take advantage of d. get in touch with > b 228. It is up to the police to these robberies. a. keep an eye to b. pay attention to c. put an end to d. get in touch with > c 229. Sit here with us. We can move over and you on this sofa. a. keep an eye to b. pay attention to c. make room for d. get in touch with > c 230. No one knows who the building. a. set fire to b. put an eye on c. pay attention to d. put an end to
  32. > a 231. John came to see me day. It was last Friday, I think. a. another b. other c. the next d. the other > d 232. I met two strangers on the way to work. One of them greeted me and didn't. a. others b. another c. others d. the other > d 233. He will a special sale to get some new shirts. a. keep an eye on b. take track of c. take advantage of d. put an end to > c 234. Some people like to have the windows open all the time; don't. a. other b. another c. others d. the other > c 235. I can't see him today. I'll have to see him day. a. another b. other c. the next d. the other > a 236. We spent the night in a small village and continued our journey day. a. another b. other c. the next d. the other > c 237. Bill and boys are playing in the yard. Jane and girls are in the front room. a. others / another b. other / others c. the next / the next d. the other / the other > d
  33. 238. She to the cinema last night. a. went over b. went on c. went out d. went off > c 239. I've been trying to him all day. a. fall in love with b. take track of c. take advantage of d. get in touch with > d 240. An ever-growing proportion of this consists of unburned hydrocarbon gases from the exhausts of automobiles. a. pollute b. polluted c. pollution d. pollutant > c 241. His wife died in when he was only 24 years old. a. children b. childhood c. childbed d. childbirth > c 242. policeman directing the traffic. a. Take care of b. Take track of c. Keep an eye on d. Pay attention to > d 243. The bomb when he rang the bell. a. went over b. went on c. went out d. went off > d 244. No one really believed it when the news came through that the "Titanic" had on her maiden voyage. a. gone over b. gone on c. gone down d. gone off > c 245. Does this jacket my trousers? a. go with
  34. b. go through with c. go ahead d. go off > a 246. He about his new car all the time. a. goes over b. goes on c. goes out d. goes off > b 247. Do you think you could this work with me some time, Peter? a. go over b. go on c. go out d. go off > a 248. We have permission to with the plan. a. go ahead b. go over c. go on d. go off > a 249. I know you find the course boring, Pauline, but since you've started it, you might as well it. a. go with b. go through with c. go ahead d. go off > b 250. Take a map with you you lose your way. a. in case b. so c. because d. although > a 251. The play was very boring they walked out. a. although b. so that c. since d. so > d 252. I couldn't unlock it I had the wrong key. a. because b. so that c. since d. so
  35. > a 253. He agreed to go climbing he hated heights. a. although b. in case c. since d. because > a 254. He got a new alarm clock he'd get up on time. a. although b. so that c. since d. so > b 255. He hasn't written to us he left. a. as long as b. since c. by the time d. as soon as > b 256. She'll only do the job you pay her more. a. before b. after c. if d. while > c 257. I never take an umbrella it's raining heavily. a. when b. whenever c. if d. unless > d 258. It rained, which spoiled our picnic; but if it it a great success. a. didn't rain / would be b. had rained / would have been c. hadn't rained / would have been d. rained / would be > c 259. I live in a pleasant room the garden. a. overlook b. to overlook c. overlooking d. overlooked > c 260. I hope they this road by the time we come back next summer. a. repaired
  36. b. will repair c. would repair d. will have repaired > d 261. The book is divided into five parts and each of these three sections. a. have b. has c. will have d. had > b 262. Norman E. Borlaug was the first agricultural scientist to the Nobel Peace Prize. a. receive b. have c. take d. accept > a 263. The building of the new bridge will as planned. a. go up b. put up c. go out d. go ahead > d 264. I see the price of bread has again. a. gone up b. put up c. gone out d. fallen out > a 265. He was caught shop - lifting but since this was his first offence he was with a warning. a. gone out b. gone ahead c. fallen out d. let off > d 266. She her father; everyone says how alike they are! a. takes after b. takes off c. falls out d. lets off -> a 267. There was a power cut and all the lights a. went up b. put up
  37. c. went out d. went ahead > c 268. You look upset, Sven. Have you and Inger again? a. gone out b. gone grey c. fallen out d. let off > c 269. Paul, do you think you could me for the night? It's a bit too late to go home now. a. let me off b. go me out c. fall me out d. put me up > d 270. Children made their hair a. go out b. go grey c. fall out d. let off > b 271. Mexico changed from a country with a wheat to one that was a wheat exporter. a. lack b. length c. shortage d. inadequacy > c 272. Charlie Chaplin was not an instant in Hollywood. a. succeed b. successful c. success d. unsuccessful > c 273. I got a very welcome when I finally arrived. a. enthusiastic b. enthusiasm c. enthusiastically d. enthusiast > a 274. I'm looking for a job. a. temporality b. temporize c. temporary d. temporal
  38. > c 275. In 1829, Morse sailed Europe to study classic art in Italy. a. to b. for c. in d. at > a 276. Was it Bell who the telephone? a. invented b. discovered c. creased d. made > a 277. The rulers of Viet Nam's last imperial line, the Nguyen Dynasty, all came from family. a. same b. the same c. different d. the other > b 278. When a body enters the earth's atmosphere, it travels a. very rapidly b. in a rapid manner c. fastly d. with great speed > a 279. Thank you for bringing me along. I never thought Shakespeare could be so fun. a. many b. much c. few d. some > b 280. You should say and do a. many / few b. much / little c. few / many d. little / much > d 281. Very people knew about it. a. few b. less c. much d. little > a 282. He is a man of words.
  39. a. less b. little c. fewer d. few > d 283. In 1927 Charlie Chaplin received a public from Hollywood in the form of a special Oscar. a. apologize b. apologise c. apology d. apologizer > c 284. heard about the book, but read it. a. Many / few b. Much / little c. Many / little d. Few / Fewer > a 285. "Do you know English?" "Just " a. much b. many c. little d. less > c 286. She has very knowledge of the matter. a. few b. little c. some d. many > b 287. The forces were unequal, they were we were a. many / few b. much / little c. few / much d. little / much > a 288. We have imported computers this year than last year. a. few b. less c. fewer d. many > c 289. There has been demand for computers this year than last year. a. few b. little c. fewer
  40. d. more > d 290. Always make sure your luggage has on it when you travel. a. a card b. a cartel c. a label d. a traveling-bag > c 291. Last December the boss gave all his a bonus. a. employ b. employable c. employee d. employees > d 292. Are you sure we're going in the right ? a. direct b. directly c. direction d. directed > c 293. My new car is more than the one I had before. a. economy b. economical c. economic d. economics > b 294. He works as an for a local firm. a. electric b. electricity c. electrician d. electronic > c 295. I've been since I must find work soon. a. unemployed b. employed c. employable d. unemployable > a 296. She studied at university. a. economy b. economical c. economic d. economics > d 297. The price of has gone up again. a. electric
  41. b. electricity c. electrician d. electronic > b 298. Her was so angry at her attitude that he fired her. a. employ b. employer c. employers d. employing > b 299. She looked at me as she said it. a. direct b. directly c. direction d. directed > b 300. On my salary we have to live as as possible. a. economy b. economical c. economically d. economic > c II. FIND THE MISTAKES (300 SENTENCES) 1. What is the higher mountain in the world? a. What b. is c. higher d. in > c 2. I wish my mother gives me presents more often. a. wish b. gives c. me d. more often > b 3. The teacher was pleasing with the result of your examination. a. The b. was c. pleasing d. of > c 4. The little boy didn't know how lacing his shoes. a. The little boy b. didn't