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  1. BỘ ĐỀ THI CÔNG CHỨC MÔN TIẾNG ANH ( CÓ ĐÁP ÁN) (Mẫu đề thi năm 2017 của Bộ nội vụ, tương đương trình độ Anh B, phù hợp cho thi công chức tỉnh, Thuế, Kho bạc, Hải quan, Thống kê ) Đề 01 I/ In this section your must choose the word or phrase best completes each sentence. Choose the letter A, B, C, or D for the word or phrase you choose. Câu 1. She French before she began studing English in 1990. A. had studied B. studied C. studies D. has studied Câu 2. Children in large families learn how to get with other people A. along B.away C.cross D.through Câu 3. Are you coming on the to Cairo today? A.excursion B.exploration C.mission D.taste Câu 4. Please wait for him he comes back. A.when B.so C.for D.until Câu 5. We would to stay at home this evening A.approve B.recommend C.prefer D.rather Câu 6. I don’t like with strangers. A.talked B.to talk C.talk D.talking Câu 7. I have never any experience of living in the country. A.had B.wished C.done D.made Câu 8. Do you like this suit? I’ve a friend of mine A.lent it of B.lent it from C.borrowed D.borrowed it from Câu 9. John and Barbara to get married in St Mark’s church. A.selected B.picked C.judged D.decided Câu 10. A milkman is a man who milk. A.gives B.delivers C.buys D.sells II. Read the text and questions. Choose the best answers. ATLANTIC COLLEGE Last week, I went to visit Atlantic College, an excellent private college in Wales. Unusually, it gives young people much needed experience of life outside the classroom, as well as the opportunity to study for their exams. The students, who are aged between 16 and 18 and come from all over the world, spend the morning studying. In the afternoon they go out and do a really useful activity, such as helping in the farm, looking after people wit learning difficulties or checking for pollution in rivers.
  2. One of the great things about Atlantic College students is that they come from many different social backgrounds and counties. As few can afford the fees of $20,000 over two years, grants are available. A quarter of the students are British, and many of those can only attend because they receive government help. "I really admire the college for trying to encourage international understanding among young people”, as Barbara Molenkamp, a student from the Netherlands, said. "You learn to live with people and respect them, even the ones you don’t like. During the summer holidays my mother couldn't believe how much less I argued with my sister.” To sum up, Atlantic College gives its students an excellent education, using methods which really seem to work. Câu 11. What is writer trying to do in the text? A. give an opinion about a particular student B. give an opinion about a special type of education C. describe the activities the students do in their free time D. describe his own experience of education Câu 12: What can a reader find out from this text? A. how to become a student at Atlantic College B. what kind of programmer Atlantic College offers C. what the British education system is like D. how to get along better with other people Câu 13: What is the writer’s opinion of Atlantic College? A. It doesn’t allow students enough study time B. Its student are taught to like each other C. It doesn’t give good value for money D. Its way of teaching is successful Câu 14: How has Barbara changed since at Atlantic College? A. She knows a lot about other countries B. She is more confident than her sister now C. She finds it easier to get on with other people D. She prefers her new friends to her family Câu 15: Which advertisement uses correct information about Atlantic College? A. Study at Atlantic College. Courses for 16-18 years old Lessons all morning sport in the afternoon B. Study at Atlantic College Courses 16-18 year olds Morning lessons and afternoon activities Help with fees available C. Study at Atlantic College. Classes on international topics Many free places available Students of all ages welcome
  3. D. Study at Atlantic College. Learn English in a beautiful place Lots of weekend activities. Help with fees available III. Read the text below and choose the correct word from the list (1-10) below for each space. There is an example at the beginning. 0. A. decided B. suggested C. interested D. persuaded LITTLE CAT, LITTLE CAT, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? When Bo the cat (0) A to explore a furniture van, she had a bigger adventure than she expected. She was discovered (1) the driver, after has had completed a (2) of over 500 kilometers. It was (3) end of a long day. The driver and the cat were both hungry! He gave her some milk and started making inquiries. He telephoned his last (4) but they had not last a cat. It was getting late, so he took Bo home for the night and (5) morning delivered her to animal hospital The cat’s owner (6) done some detective work too. After (7) everywhere for the cat, he suddenly remembered the furniture van (8) had made a delivery to a neighbor. Fortunately, he (9) the name of the company. He called their office and in short time Bo was (10) safely. Câu 16: A. by B. at C.from D. of Câu 17: A. trip B.visit C. tour D. travel Câu 18 A. an B.some C. the D.any Câu 19 A. shoppers B.buyers C. callers D. customers Câu 20: A. next B. following C. tomorrow D. other Câu 21 A. has B. is C. had D. was Câu 22: A. seeing B. this C. it D. which Câu 23: A. what B. this C. it D. which Câu 24: A. called B. remembered C. saw D. reminded Câu 25: A. given B. brought C. returned D. taken
  4. ĐÁP ÁN: 1.A 2.A 3.A 4.D 5.C 6.D 7.A 8.D 9.D 10.D 11.B 12.B 13.D 14.C 15.B 16.D 17.A 18.C 19.D 20.A 21.C 22.B 23.D 24.B 25.C Đề 02 I/ In this section your must choose the word or phrase best completes each sentence. Choose the letter A, B, C, or D for the word or phrase you choose. Câu 1: She is too young it A.to understand B.understanding C.understand D.understood Câu 2: Her parents were very because she was out so late that night. A.responsible B.sorry C.worried D.overcome Câu 3: I have seen him A.ten days B.for ten days C.ten days ago D.in ten days Câu 4: It may be raining, but I’m thoroughly enjoying___. A. himself B. yourself C. by myself D. myself Câu 5: They will now have a rest A.small B.little C.light D.short Câu 6: The librarian went to look in the cupboard rare books were kept A.which B.where C.that D.there Câu 7: Drive fast ___ we will miss the train. A. because B. so C. although D. or Câu 8: Show me my room, please? A.to B.of C.where D.on
  5. Câu 9: I’d like two seats in the circle, please A.booking B.to book C.booked D.book Câu 10: He has just arrived London. A.at B.in C.for D.to II. Read the text and questions. Choose the best answers. All spiders spin webs. That's because webs help spiders. Webs help spiders do three things. Webs help spiders hold eggs. Webs help spiders hide. And webs help spiders catch food. Webs help spiders hold eggs. Many spiders like to lay their eggs in their webs. The webs help keep the eggs together. Webs help spiders keep their eggs safe. Webs help spiders hide. Most spiders are dark. They are brown, grey, or black. But spider webs are light. They are white and cloudy. When spiders hide in their webs, they are harder to see. Webs help spiders catch food. Spider webs are sticky. When a bug flies into the web, it gets stuck. It moves around. It tries to get out. But it can't. It is trapped! Spiders can tell that the bug is trapped. That's because spiders feel the web move. And the spider is hungry. The spider goes to get the bug. As you can see, webs help spiders hold eggs. Webs help spiders hide. And webs help spiders catch food. Without webs, spiders would not be able to live like they do. Spiders need their webs to survive. Questions Câu 11: This passage is mostly about A. spider colors B. spider webs C. spider eggs D. spider foods Câu 12: Spider webs help spiders: I. hold egg II. catch food III. find water A. I only B. I and II only C. I, II, and III D. II and III Câu 13: As used in paragraph 4, the word trapped most nearly means A. stuck B. hidden C. eaten D. catch Câu 14: How can spiders tell when something is trapped in their web? A. They hear it. B. They smell it.
  6. C. They feel it. D. They taste it Câu 15: As used in the last sentence of the passage, the word survive means to stay A. alive B. hidden C. caught D. sleep III. Read the text below and choose the correct word from the list (1 – 10) below for each space. There is an exampled at the beginning (0) of the list. 0) A. give B. take C. sell D. buy NEW OPPORTUNITIES WITH AN OPEN UNIVERSITY DEGREE Like any other university, the Open University can (0) A you a degree. However, you don’t have to (1) working to study. It can also open up a whole variety (2) interests. If you have (3) studied before, you will enjoy the special, new pleasure of (4) your knowledge. You will make friends of (5) kinds. You may also (6) that your qualification provides new career opportunities. You don’t actually (7) to the Open University for lectures, but study at home, using television, radio and computer software. You can (8) one class a month if you wish at an Open University centre. Of course, there are exams to take, as in (9) university. If you (10) like to know more, all you have to do is complete the form below. It could be the start of a wonderful new period in your life. Câu 16: A.stop B.end C.break C.leave Câu 17: A.from B.of C.in D.for Câu 18: A.ever B.never C.often D.always Câu 19: A.growing B.changing C.adding D.increasing Câu 20: A.all B.each C.both D.every Câu 21: A.suggest B.find C.wish D.want Câu 22: A.join B.enter C.arrive D.go Câu 23: A.give B.attend C.learn D.study Câu 24: A.any B.some C.many D.most Câu 25:
  7. A.did B.will C.would D.can ĐÁP ÁN: 1.A 2.C 3.B 4.D 5.D 6.B 7.D 8.A 9.B 10.B 11.B 12.B 13.A 14.C 15.A 16.A 17.B 18.B 19.D 20.A 21.B 22.D 23.B 24A 25C Đề 03: I. In this section your must choose the word or phrase best completes each sentence. Choose the letter A, B, C, or D for the word or phrase you choose. Câu 1: Although their carpets ___ primarily for mosques, sometimes, they ___ designs for restaurants and hotels as well. A. are designed – produce B.have been designed - were produced C.will be designed - were producing D.have designed - had been producing Câu 2: If the tree hadn't been so high, he ___ up to take his kite down. A.can climb B.could climb C.could have climbed D.was able to climb Câu 3: Since, at the very beginning, he showed some inclination towards laziness, he ___ of all his duties. Afterwards he worked very well. A.had to be reminded B.had to remind C.must have reminded D.must have been reminded Câu 4: When Tiger Woods ___ his sixth golfing title in a row, he equalled the record of Ben Hogen, which ___ 52 years ago. A.has won - had set B.won - was set C.is won - had been set D.wins - has been set Câu 5: I'm not sure who should be punished for the incident. Certainly not Alice, since she ___ of possible dangers . A.wasn't warned B.hasn't warned C.hadn't warned D.wouldn't be warne
  8. Câu 6: If eating disorders ___, they can be fatal. A.aren't treating B.aren't treated C.weren't treated D.don't treat Câu 7: Usually I ___ cash for things because I ___ using credit cards. A.have paid - didn't like B.pay - don't like C.have been paid - won't like D.am paying - haven't liked Câu 8: The origin of April Fool's Day, the first day of April, is uncertain, but it ___ to arrival of spring in late March, when nature ___ to "fool" humanity with changes in weather. A.has been related - has said B.may be related - is said C.ought to relate - has been said D.relates - is saying Câu 9: This morning, the attendant ___ a baby who ___ in an old blanket on the steps of the country hospital. A.finds – wrapped B.was being found - has been wrapped C.found - was wrapped D.was found - had been wrapped Câu 10: It's true that life ___ as anything may happen at any time, but some precautione such as insurance policies, ___ against disaster. A.mustn't be predicted - have taken B.shouldn't predict - have been taking C.doesn't predict - are taking D.can't be predicted - can be taken II. Read the passage and answer the questions that follow. David Saucez’s bank robbing was as bad as his bingo. Desperate to pay of his gambling debts, he held up his local bank, and made off with around 2,000 pounds before turning up for work as a member of Belgian gendarmerie. It was the earliest his colleagues could have possible expected. For Saucez not only use his service pistol in the hold-up, but also made his get-away in his own easily recognized family car. The car’s number was taken by the manager of the Sub Belge bank in the Brussels suburb of Schaerbeek. He witnessed the hold-up, but was unnoticed by Saucez. The unhappy gendarme told colleagues who arrested him that he had run up a debt of 60,000 Belgian francs (around 800 pounds), playing bingo. He was also paying off a home loan, and his wife – who works in another bank – did not know of his
  9. gambling. Saucez, described as a "model gendarme” with six years’ service, said he considered robbing the same bank the week before. His nerve falled at the last moment, and he ended up asking for advice on a loan. On Monday this week be returned to the same bank, and the same temptation. This time is was too much. He told arresting officers "I had no intention of committing a hold-up. I left the barracks to go to the bank and request a delay in repaying my loans. It was on the way there that I decided to take action.” He was well equipped for the job, if not the getaway. Producing his service pistol, he demanded and got the money and then made off in his distinctive red Vauxhall. The gendarmerie, having answered the manager’s alarm call too late to catch the robber red handed, at least he had the information to catch him red-vehicled. They traced the car number to Saucez, alerted his unit in Brussels, which said he had been on duty but was now absent. A few minutes later be turned up completely with the hold-up weapon the getaway car, and the remainer of the foots in his pocket. Câu 11: David Saucez works A.as a policeman. B.as a security guard. C.in the bank he robbed. D.in another bank. Câu 12: David Saucer robber the bank because he A.played games. B.tried to give up gambling. C.was unaware that he was so heavily in debt. D.was worried about his debt. Câu 13: The previous week, David Saucez had planned to rob the bank but he A.asked them to lend him some money. B.asked them what he should do about borrowing money. C.paid some money into his account there. D.didn’t dare to go inside. Câu 14: The police knew about the robbery because A.David Saucez admitted his guilt. B.David Saucez had parked his car outside the bank. C.David Saucez was unlucky. D.the bank manager called them. Câu 15: David Saucez arrived late for his duty because he A.stopped to pay some of the money he owed. B.was afraid to report for duty. C.was going to rob the bank. D.was trying to escape. III. Read the text below and choose the correct word from the list (1-10) below foreach space.
  10. Some time ago, scientists began experiments to find out (1)___ it would be possible to set up a "village” under the sea. A special room was built and lowered (2)___ the water of Port Sudan in the Red Sea. For 29 days, five men lived (3)___ a depth of 40 feet. At a (4)___ lower level, another two divers stayed for a week in a smaller "house”. On returning to the surface, the men said that they had experienced no difficulty in breathing and had (5)___ many interesting scientific observations. The captain of the party, Commander Cousteau, spoke of the possibility of (6)___ the seabed. He said that some permanent stations were to be set up under the sea, and some undersea farms would provide food for the growing population of the world. The divers in both "houses” spent most of their time (7)___ the bottom of the sea. On four occasions, they went down to 360 feet and observed many extraordinary (8)___ of the marine life, some of which had never been seen before. During their stay, Commander Cousteau and his divers reached a depth of 1,000 feet and witnessed a gathering of an immense (9)___ of crabs which numbered, perhaps, hundreds of millions. They also found out that it was (10)___ to move rapidly in the water in a special vessel known as a "diving saucer”. Câu 16: A.how B.which C.what D.whether Câu 17: A.underneath B.down C.below D.into Câu 18: A.at B.in C.from D.on Câu 19: A.more B.any C.much D.some Câu 20: A.caught B.done C.made D.exercised Câu 21: A.implanting B.transplanting C.growing D.cultivating Câu 22: A.enquiring B.imploring C.exploring D.inquiring Câu 23: A.breeds B.forms C.systems D.castes Câu 24: A.herd B.flock C.school D.pack Câu 25: A.hardly B.able C.possible D.capable ĐÁP ÁN: Câu1.A Câu2.C Câu 3.A Câu 4.B Câu 5.A Câu6.B Câu7.B Câu 8.B Câu 9.C Câu 10.D Câu11.A Câu12.D Câu13.A Câu14.D Câu15.C Câu16.D Câu17.D Câu18.A
  11. Câu19.C Câu20.C Câu21.D Câu22.C Câu23.B Câu24.C Câu25.C Đề 04: I.In this section your must choose the word or phrase best completes each sentence. Choose the letter A, B, C, or D for the word or phrase you choose. Câu 1: He is coming ___ a cold after a night out in the rain. A.down with B.up with C.away from D.across with Câu 2: Although his work is not outstanding it is done. A.enough B.sufficient C.well D.adequate Câu 3: We must push the piano to the corner of the hall to ___ our party tonight. A.make place for B.take up room to C.make room for D.give place to Câu 4: Thang was asking Huong, his classmate, for her opinion about the novel he had lent her. Select the most suitable response to fill in the blank. Thang: "What do you think about the novel?" Huong: "___" A.Yes, let's. B.The best I've ever read! C.I can't agree with you more. D.I wish I could. Câu 5: The women who . next door is often willing to help us whenever we are in difficulty. A.to live B.living C. lived D. lives Câu 6: My favourite team ___ 15 games so far this season, and will probably win the championship. A.are winning B.won C.have won D.will win
  12. Câu 7: ___ John Kennedy was elected president, he was the youngest American President ever. A.When B.While C.Before D.As long as Câu 8: "The inflation rate in Greece is five times ___ my country,” he said. A.as much as B.more than C.as many as that in D.as high as that in Câu 9: I’m not accustomed ___ up so early. A.to getting B.to get C.by getting D.get Câu 10: The charged by the architect for the plans of the new building were unusually high. A.hire B.price C.fees D.sum II.Read the passage and answer the questions that follow. THE COST OF EDUCATION Student all over the world have to work for their education. A college education in many countries is expensive. The costs are so high that most families begin to save for their children’s education when their children are babies. Even so many young people cannot afford to pay the expenses of full-time college work. They do not have enough money to pay for school costs. Tuition for attending university, books for classes, and accommodation costs are high. There are other expenses and special student activity fees for such things as parking permits and football tickets. The cost of college education increases every year. However campuses are still crowed with students. Some students depend on their family support to pay for college. Perhaps some of the student have scholarship or money grants, but many do not. How do the rest of the student manage? There are two answer to the money difficulties of college students. They can borrow money, or they can find jobs and earn it. In either case, thousands of students everywhere find answers to their money problems. Câu 11: Education is expensive in countries. A.all B.some C.half of the D.very few Câu 12: Parents have to save for their children’s education
  13. A.since when they are born B.when they are young C.since their school age D.when they attend school Câu 13: Education is expensive A.A few families can afford it B.Many families can afford it C.No families can afford it D.all families can afford it Câu 14: There are A.some reduced costs for poor students B.no money grants C.scholarship for all the students D.only some scholarship Câu 15: Thousands of students have to A.work for their education B.earn money for scholarship C.work for a scholarship D.work to borrow money III.Read the text below and choose the correct word from the list (1-10) below foreach space. Everyone wants to reduce pollution. But the pollution problem is (1)___ complicated as it is serious. It is complicated (2)___ much pollution is caused by things that benefit people. (3)___, exhaust from automobiles causes a large percentage of air pollution. But the automobile (4)___ transportation for millions of people. Factories discharge much (5)___ the material that pollutes the air and water, but factories give employment to a large number of people. Thus, to end (6)___ greatly reduce pollution immediately, people would have to (7)___ using many things that benefit them. Most of the people do not want to do that, of course. But pollution can be (8)___ reduced in several ways. Scientists and engineers can work to find ways to lessen the (9)___ of pollution that such things as automobiles and factories cause. Governments can pass and enforce laws that (10)___ businesses and traffic to stop, or to cut down on certain polluting activities. Câu 16: A as B.more C.less D.like Câu 17: A.so B.while C.though D.because Câu 18: A.Specific B.For example C.Such as D.Like
  14. Câu 19: A.takes B.affords C.carries D.provides Câu 20: A.about B.for C.of D.with Câu 21: A.or B.and C.as well D.then Câu 22: A.start B.continue C.stop D.go on Câu 23: A.carefully B.unexpectedly C.gradually D.little Câu 24: A.way B.figure C.number D.amount Câu 25: A.forbid B.prevent C.request D.require ĐÁP ÁN 1A 2C 3C 4B 5D 6C 7A 8D 9A 10C 11B 12A 13B 14D 15A 16A 17D 18B 19D 20C 21A 22C 23C 24D 25D Đề 05 I.In this section your must choose the word or phrase best completes each sentence. Choose the letter A, B, C, or D for the word or phrase you choose. Câu 1: George has been in the publishing business since he ___ college. A. was in B. learned C. had in D. worked Câu 2: I don’t know where before he came here. A.is he living B.he had lived C.did he live D.has he lived Câu 3: Mr. and Mrs. Kent are old age A.workers B.people C.folks D.pensioners Câu 4: My aunt and uncle always quarreled about their tea; she like it strong but he wanted it A.feeble B.weak C.small D.poor Câu 5: How much are the tickets? "I think they are two dollars ”
  15. A.one B.every C.each D.much Câu 6: It is such a big city that he’s got A.late B.loose C.lost D.up Câu 7: Will you me to post this letter tomorrow? A.remember B.mind C.suggest D.remind Câu 8: Show me my room, please? A.to B.of C.where D.on Câu 9: he joined the army my brother had never been abroad A.Since B.While C.During D.Until Câu 10: 006, the secret agent, is on an important A.job B.work C.mission D.tap Students at the age of 18 always have to face difficult decision to make: some want to go on with their study at college or university, others prefer to start work immediately. Many school leavers are eager to go to work in order to make money to live independently and help their parents. They always do their best to overcome any obstacles they may encounter. Unfortunately, owing to the guidance poor and bold from their parents and teachers, most boys and girls are ill- prepared for unemployment. Therefore, they often feel worried and build up all sort of fearsome prospects in their mind as the time to start work gets nearer. It is the duty of the school and family to prepare these young people for their future jobs. Câu 11: The main idea of the passage is A.Learning at university B.Making an important decision at 18 C.Starting to work after leaving school D.Getting to know about new job. Câu12: Why do some young people want to find a job after they leave school? A.They are badly in need of money B.They want to get rid of schooling C.Their parents do not help them D.They want to lead an independent life
  16. Câu 13: What do young people do when they have difficulty? A.They just let things go. B.They do their best. C.They complain about their parents and teachers. D.They ask for help. Câu 14: The word “Unfortunately” in line 5 is nearest in meaning to . A.suddenly B. unluckily C. luckily D. surprisingly Câu 15: Which of the following is not true about young people who start work? A.They meet difficulty. B.They feel worried. C. They are very successful. D.They are eager to work. III.Read the text below and choose the correct word from the list (1-10) below foreach space. Schools in the United States have not always had a large number of libraries. As (1)___ as 1958 about half of the public schools in the United States had no libraries at all. The (2)___ of public school libraries increased dramatically when the federal government passed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, (3)___ provided funds for school districts to improve their education programs and facilities, including their libraries. (4)___, many educators claim that since the legislation was passed federal spending has not increased sufficiently to meet the rising (5)___ of new library technologies such as computer databases and Internet access. Because the federal government provides only limited funds to schools, individual school districts (6)___ on funds from local property taxes to meet the vast majority of public school expenses. Therefore, the libraries of public schools tend to reflect the (7)___ capabilities of the communities in which they are located. Districts in wealthy suburbs often have fully staffed libraries (8)___ abundant resources, spacious facilities, and curricular and instructional support. In (9)___, school districts in many poor areas house their libraries in ordinary classrooms or in small rooms. The libraries in such areas are generally staffed by volunteers, who organize and (10)___ books that are often out-of-date, irrelevant, or damaged. Câu 16: A.frequently B.recently C.freshly D.newly Câu 17: A.digit B.amount C.number D.numeral Câu 18: A.that B.who C.which D.this Câu 19: A.Otherwise B.Therefore C.Consequently D.Nevertheless Câu 20:
  17. A.fine B.fee C.cost D.sum Câu 21: A.go B.come C.rely D.stay Câu 22: A.economical B.educational C.financial D.political Câu 23: A.for B.with C.on D.by Câu 24: A.contrast B.converse C.contrary D.conflict Câu 25: A.maintain B.obtain C.contain D.attain ĐÁP ÁN: 1A 2B 3D 4B 5C 6C 7D 8A 9D 10C 11B 12A 13D 14C 15D 16B 17C 18C 19D 20C 21C 22C 23B 24A 25A Đề 06: I. In this section your must choose the word or phrase best completes each sentence. Choose the letter A, B, C, or D for the word or phrase you choose. Câu 1: Her career was all ___ she cared about, ___ made her so successful. A.what – which B. what – that C. that – that D. that – which Câu 2: ___ I wear tonight depends on ___ you're planning to take me to. Shall I wear something special, or should I dress more casually? A.What – where B. How – when C. If – what D. Which - how Câu 3: To achieve the unique coral red of the Ottoman tiles in the 16th century, ___ craftsmen a mixture of iron-oxide and quartz. A.have fired B. were fired C. used to fire D. could be fired Câu 4: The moment that the sun reappears just ___ a total solar eclipse is known as a "diamond ring". A.as soon as B. when C. before D. after Câu 5: Asthma is a lung disease which ___. A. it makes difficult to breathe B. makes it difficult to breathe
  18. C. makes it difficult breathing D. makes difficult to breathe Câu 6: Without washing machines; vacuum cleaners, etc., it ___ impossible for us to have as much leisure time as we now do. A.has been B.should be C.will be D.would be Câu 7: It was so embarrassing; I really wish I ___ her name when I met her again last night. A.hadn't forgotten B.haven't forgotten C.wouldn't forget D.didn't forget Câu 8: Emma has got a cat flap put in her balcony door ___ she doesn't always have to open the door to let her cat in and out. A.nonetheless B.in order that C.whenever D.as though Câu 9: I have bought ___ new shirt which matches ___ jacket I bought last week. A.some – a B.the – a C.a – the D.some - the Câu 10: Most critics agree that rather little ___ done by the artist after his illness has any great value. A.of what was B.of that was C.of that what wasD.which has been II.In this section you will find after the reading passage a number of questions or unfinished statements about the passage, each with four suggested answers or ways of finishing, you must choose theone which you think suits best. Computer programmer David Jones earns 35,000 a year designing new computer games, yet he cannot find a bank prepared to let him have a cheque card. Instead, he has been told to wait another to years, until he is 18. The 16-year-old works for a small firm in Liverpool, where the problem of most young people of the age is finding a job. David’s firm releases two new games for the expanding home computer market each month. But David’s biggest headache is what to do with his money. Despite his salary, earned by inventing new programs within tight schedules, with bonus payments and profit-sharing, he cannot drive a car, take out a mortgage, or obtain credit cards. He lives with his parents in their council house in Liverpool, where his father is a bus driver. His company has to pay 150 a month in taxi fares to get him the five miles to work and back every day because David cannot drive. David got
  19. his job with the Liverpool-based company four months ago, a year after leaving school with six O-levels and working for a time in a computer shop. "I got the job because the people who run the firm knew I had already written some programs,” he said. "I suppose ₤35,000 sounds a lot of but actually that’s being pessimistic. I hope it will come to more than that this year.” he spends some of his money on records and clothes, and give his mother ₤20 a week. But, most of him spare time in spent working. "Unfortunately, computing was not part of our studies ay school,” he said. "But I had been studying it in books and magazines for four years in my spare time. I knew what I wanted to do and never considered staying on at school. Most people in this business are fairly young, anyway.” David added: "I would like to earn a million and I suppose early retirement is a possibility. You never know when the market might disappear.” Câu 11: Why is David different from other young people of his age? A.He earns an extremely high salary. B.He is not unemployed. C.He does not go out much. D.He lives at home with his parents. Câu 12: David’s greatest problem is A. making the banks treat him at an adult. B. inventing computer games. C. spending his salary. D. learning to drive. Câu 13: He was employed by the company because A. he had worked in a computer shop. B. he had written some computer programs. C. he works very hard. D. he had learnt to use computers at school. Câu 14. He left school after taking O-levels because A. he did not enjoy school. B. he wanted to work with computers and staying at school did not help him. C. he was afraid of getting too old to starts computing. D. he wanted to earn a lot of money. Câu 15: Why does David think he might retire early? A. You have to be young to write computer programs. B. He wants to stop working when he is a millionaire. C. He thinks computer games might not always sell so well. D. He thinks his firm might go bankrupt.