20 Bài đọc đục lỗ Tiếng Anh ôn thi Công chức thuế năm 2020 (Có đáp án)

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  1. Bài 1: A Welsh Festival Wales has a population of about three million. English is the main language and only twenty per cent speak both Welsh and English. Every year (1) August there is a Welsh-speaking festival. It (2) place in a different town each ear so everyone has the chance for it to be near them. Local people (3) years making plans for when the festival will be in (4) town. Each festival is (5) . by about 160,000 people. They travel not only from nearby towns and villages (6) . also from the rest of the British Isles and (7) . from abroad. There are concerts, plays and (8) to find the best singers, poets, writers, and so on. Shops sell Welsh music, book, pictures and clothes as (9) as food and drink. The festival provides a chance for Welsh-speaking people to be together for a whole week, with (10) . Welsh language all around them. 1. A. on B. by C. in D. at 2. A. takes B. finds C. has D. makes 3. A. pass B. put C. spend D. do 4. A. our B. their C. his D. its 5. A. arrived B. attended C. joined D. come 6. A. but B. and C. since D. however 7. A. just B. hardly C. quite D. even 8. A. tests B. examinations C. competitions D. races 9. A. long B. far C. good D. well 10. A. one B. A C. the D. some Bài 2: LITTLE CAT, LITTLE CAT, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? When Bo the cat decided to explore a furniture van, she had a bigger adventure than she expected.
  2. She was discovered (1)___ the driver, after has had completed a (2)___ of over 500 kilometres. It was (3)___ end of a long day. The driver and the cat were both hungry! He gave her some milk and started making enquiries. He telephoned his last (4)___, but they had not lost a cat. It was getting late, so he took Bo home for the night and (5)___ morning delivered her to an animal hospital. The cat’s owner (6)___ done some detective work too. After (7)___ everywhere for the cat, he suddenly remembered the furniture van (8)___ had made a delivery to a neighbor. Fortunately, he (9)___ the name of the company. He called their office and in short time Bo was (10)___ safely. 1. A. of B. from C. at D. by 2. A. trip B. visit C. Tour D. travel 3. A. an B. some C. the D. any 4. A. shoppers B. buyers C. callers D. customers 5. A. next B. following C. tomorrow D. other 6. A. has B. is C. had D. was 7. A. seeing B. looking C. finding D. searching 8. A. what B. this C. it D. which 9. A. called B. remembered C. saw D. reminded 10. A. given B. brought C. returned D. taken Bài 3: PERSONAL SPACE More and more people live in large cities these days and this means that it is becoming more and more difficult to find space and time for ourselves. But for many people, personal privacy is more important. In many houses, a few minutes in the bath room is all the privacy that is (1)___ .
  3. Teenagers especially need their own personal space at home where they can feel relaxed and private, But of course, not all teenagers are (2)___ enough to have a room of their own. Where space is short, they often have to (3)___ a bedroom with a brother or sister. It’s a good (4)___ for them to have a special area or corner of the room to (5)___ their own. It’s especially important for young people to have some where to (6)___ their personal things. This may or may not be a tidy place and it is not a good ideas for parents to try to tell teenagers how to (7)___ their space as this is (8)___ to lead to arguments. Parents can, however, (9)___ sure that there are enough storage spaces such as shelves, cupboards and boxes. This will (10)___ the teenager to keep their space tidy if they want to. V O V 1. A. confident B. available C. general d. average 2. A. dizzy B. early C. LUCKY D. happy 3. A. separate B. SHARE C. divide D. join 4. A. sense B. opinion C. IDEA D. thought 5. A. mind B. call C. say d. tell 6. A. belong B. save C. support D. KEEP 7. A. organize B. repair C. operate D. review 8. A. really B. quickly C. actually D. likely 9. A. find B. Make C. get D. put 10. A. afford B. let C. ALLOW D. set Bài 4: PONY EXPRESS Before 1860 there was no quick way of getting mail between the east and the west of the United States. There were no railways at that (1)___ and most mail was sent by coach. It usually (2)___ at least 25 days for coaches to (3)___ the coast.
  4. So in 1860 it (4)___ decided to send mail BY ‘Pony Express’, which was much faster, Riders (5)___ very fast horses were placed along the route. They were at (6)___ distances from each other and the mail was handed from one rider to the next, Riders were all (7)___ to travel between twenty and thirty kilometers (8)___ day on very bad roads. At each stop two minutes were (9)___ for exchanging the mail bags, but riders were often held up by awful weather (10)___ closed the roads. With the invention of the telegraph in 1861, the demand for Pony Express disappeared. 1. A. time B. date C. age D. season 2. A. spent B. lasted C. took D. passed 3. A. get B. arrive C. come D. reach 4. A. had B. was C. has D. is 5. A. for B. off C. with D. behind 6. A. like B. equal C. same D. level 7. A. wished B. wanted C. expected D. hoped 8. A. A B. one C. some D. any 9. A. let B. allowed C. done D. made 10. A. which B. where C. what D. when Bài 5: SAN FRANCISCO San Francisco lies on the coast of Northern California. The earliest Europeans to discover the (1)___ were led by a Spanish explorer (2)___ name was Gaspar de Portolá. He first saw it in 1769. Surprisingly, (3)___ San Francisco Bay is a wonderful natural harbour, it was discovered by land (4)___ than by sea. In 1849, people (5)___ in San Francisco in their thousands (6)___ to find gold. However, it was not the men looking for the gold that got rich. The richest people (7)___
  5. their money from owning banks and law firms and they built themselves large houses on one of the hills. This was (8)___ as Nob Hill. Nowadays, tourists are (9)___ to San Francisco because there they can see famous places like Chinatown and the Golden Gate Bridge. Many even (10)___ the short boat trip to the island of Alcatraz to see the former prison. 1. A. area B. part C. space D. position 2. A. who B. whose C. what D. which 3. A. if B. unless C. although D. despite 4. A. except FOR B. instead OF C. apart from D. rather 5. A. reached B. arrived C. entered D. approached 6. A. wondering B. hoping C. considering D. depending 7. A. did B. became C. made D. brought 8. A. told B. called không có gt ( my cat is called mina) C. named after D. known as 9. A. interested B. attracted C. pleased D. excited 10. A. take B. spend C. go D. travel Bài 6: THE ESCALATOR An American, Charles D. Seeberger, invented moving stairs to transport people in the 1890s. He (1)___ this invention an escalator (2)___ the name from the Latin word ‘scala’ (3)___ means ‘ladder’. Escalators move people up and down short (4)___. Lifts do the same, but only move (5)___ small number of people. If an escalator breaks down. It can still be (6)___ as ordinary stairs. An escalator can move (7)___ 8,000 and 9,600 people an hours, and it (8)___ not need a person to operate it.
  6. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, cities were (9)___ more crowded and the first escalators were built at railway station and in big department (10)___ so that people could move about more quickly. Today we see escalators everywhere. 1. A. announced B. called C. translated D. explained 2. A. fetching B. lending C. taking D. carrying 3. A. what B. whose C. who D. which 4. A. distances B. directions C. measurements D. lengths 5. A. the B. a C. some D. any 6. A. walked B. made C. used D. changed 7. A. from B. between C. to D. above 8. A. is B. has C. did D. does 9. A. coming B. becoming C. continuing D.developing 10. A. stores B. shops C. places D. houses Bài 7: TOBACCO For thousands of years tobacco was (1)___ by the American Indians with no oil – effect. In the 16th century it was (2)___ to Europe. This early tobacco was mixed with soil and rather dirty. It was chewed or smoked in pipes only by men; women thought it was smelly and (3)___. It was first (4)___ in America in the 17th century on slave plantations. In the 18th new technology refined tobacco and the first cigarettes (5)___ produced. By the 1880s huge factories were producing cigarettes which were clean and (6)___ to smoke. Chain – smoking and inhaling became possible and by the middle of the 20th century tobacco addicts men and women. Nowadays cigarette smoking (7)___ banned in many places, especially (8)___ the USA. But until 1820 tobacco was America’s (9)___ exports, and still today their tobacco industry (10)___ over $4.2 billion a year. 1. A. used B. using C. to use D. use
  7. 2. A. bring B. brought C. brings D. bringing 3. A. disgust B. disgusted C. disgusting D. disgustedly 4. A. grow B. growing C. grows D. grown 5. A. is B. are C. was D. were 6. A. eases B. EASY C. ease D. easily 7. A. are B. was C. is D. were 8. A. at B. on C. for D. in 9. A. secondly B. main C. firstly D. thirdly 10. A. makes B. making C. made D. make Bài 8: TOM CRUISE Tom Cruise is one of the most successful actors in cinema history. However, life hasn't always been that easy for him. As a young boy, Tom was shy and had (1)___ in finding friends, although he really enjoyed (2)___ part in school plays. (3)___ he had finished High School, Tom went to New York to look for work. He found employment as a porter, and at the same time he (4)___ drama classes. In 1980, the film director Franco Zeffirelli (5)___ Tom his first part in a film. Ten years later, he had become (6)___ successful that he was one of the highest - paid actors in Hollywood, (7)___ millions of dollars for (8)___ film. Today, Tom (9)___ appears in films and is as (10)___ as ever with his thousands of fans from all around the world. Waste 1. A. worry B. problem C. fear D. difficulty 2. A. making B. holding C. taking D. finding 3. A. While B. During C. after D. Until 4. A. prepared B. waited C. attended D. happened 5. A. suggested B. offered C. tried D. advised
  8. 6. A. so B. such C. too D. very 7. A. paying B. earning C. winning D. reaching 8. A. another B. all C. each D. some 9. A. yet B. ever C. already D. still 10. A. popular B. favourite C. preferred D. approved Bài 9: WATER There is much more water than land on the (1)___ of the earth. The seas and oceans nearly (2)___ of the whole world, and only one-fifth of (3)___cần động từ___ land. If you traveled over the earth in different directions, you would have to spend (4)___ more of your time (5)___ on water than on roads or railways. We sometimes forget that for every mile of land (6)___ four miles of water. There is much water on the surface of our earth that we (7)___ to use two words to describe. We use the word SEAS (8)___ those parts of water surface which (9) ___ only a few hundreds of mile, the word OCEANS to describe the huge area of water 10 are thousands of miles wide and very deep. 1. A. cover B. surface C. outer D. outside 2. A. four-fives B. four-fifth C. four-fifths D. fourth-fifths 3. A. it is B. it C. its D. them are 4. A. many B. much C. few D. two 5. A. to move B. move C. moved D. moving spend 6. A. there are B. there is C. there has D. have 7. A. must B. should C. have D. would 8. A. describing B. describes C. describe D. to describe 9. A. is B. ARE C. has D. will be 10. A. that’s B. WHICH C. where D. whose
  9. Bài 10: WILLIAM THE HERO Brave William Baldock, who is six years old, is a hero after helping his mother when she fell downstairs. William quickly rang (1)___ an ambulance when he discovered his mother had broken her leg. In spite of being frightened, he (2)___ the emergency services what had happened and answered all the questions they asked him. He also telephoned his father (3)___ work, and then his grandmother, to explain what he had (4)___ While waiting for (5)___ people to come, William looked after his 18-month-old sister. When ambulance man Steve Lyn went to the house, he was amazed: ‘It’s (6)___ that a young boy of six knew the right number to (7)___, and was able to give us the correct information. (8)___ of William’s quick thinking, we were able to (9)___ there immediately.’ Mrs. Baldock left hospital yesterday, very (10)___ to both William and the ambulance service. 1. A. to B. off C. for D. with 2. A. said to B. talked with C. spoke to D. told 3. A. in B. at C. on D. by 4. A. done B. made C. acted D. worked 5. A. these B. every C. each D. this 6. A. pleased B. fine C. clever D. great 7. A. put B. set C. dial D. hit 8. A. Since B. because C. As D. Although 9. A. manage B. find C. get D. go 10. A. agreeable B. happy C. grateful D. approving Bài 11: NEW OPPORTUNITIES WITH AN OPEN UNIVERSITY DEGREE
  10. Like any other universities, the Open University can give you a degree. However, you don’t have to (1) ___ working to study. It can also open up a whole variety (2) ___ interest. If you have (3) ___ studied before, you will enjoy the special, new pleasure of (4) ___ your knowledge. You will make friends of (5) ___ kinds. You may also (6) ___ that your qualification provides new career opportunities. You don’t actually (7) ___ to the Open University for lectures, but study at home, using television, radio and computer software. You can (8) ___ one class a month if you wish at an Open University center. Of course, there are exams to take, as is (9) ___ university. If you (10) ___ like to know more, all you have to do is complete the form below. It could be the start of a wonderful new period in your life. 1. A. stop B. end C. leave D. break 2. A. of B. from C. for D. in 3. A. ever B. always C. often D. never 4. A. growing B. changing C. adding D. increasing 5. A. all B. each C. both D. every 6. A. suggest B. find C. wish D. want 7. A. join B. enter C. arrive D. go 8. A. give B. attend C. learn D. study 9. A. any B. some C. many D. most 10. A. did B. will C. would D. can Bài 12. FRANKENSTEIN Most people, when they are asked who Frankenstein was, will reply, "A monster." This is not really (1)___. The monster, both in Mary Shelley's book and in the (2)___, has no name! It is (3)___ known as "the monster" or "the Frankenstein monster". Frankenstein was the (4)___ of the doctor who created it. In the (5)___ book, the monster was kind and quite gentle when he was first created. He wanted friends and (6)___.Soon, however, people began to persecute him because his (7)___ was
  11. so frightening. The monster then changed into the (8)___ creature that we know from the movies. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in 1818, at the age of twenty-one. She wrote the novel to teach two lessons that people shouldn't (9)___ other people badly because they are different, and that sometimes we may create something that can (10) ___ us. 1. A. correct B. true C. actual D. real 2. A. movies B. pictures C. photos D. scenes 3. A. simple B. also C. simply D. only 4. A. picture B. name C. call D. recall 5. A. original B. first C. early D. former 6. A. like B. favorite C. priority D. love 7. A. face B. looking C. appearance D. vision 8. A. terrible B. bad C. devil D. practical 9. A. treat B. behave C. handle D. deal 10. A. damage B. destroy C. spoil D. worsen Bài 13: HENRY FORD Henry Ford was born (0)_ a farm in Michigan in 1863 but he did not like farming. When he was fifteen he began to work as a mechanic and in 1893 he built his first car. After he (1)___ driven it 1,500 kilometers, he sold it and built two bigger cars. Then, in 1903, he (2)___ the Ford Motor Company. By (3) ___ strong but light steel, he built cheap cars for (4)___ people to buy. In 1908, he built the first Ford Model ‘T’, (5)___ sold for $825. He was soon selling 100 cars (6)___ day. By 1927, the Ford Motor Company was (7) ___ $700 million. Early Ford cars were simple and cheap, but (8)___ things simple sometimes (9)___ less choice. ‘You (10)___ have any color you like,’ said Henry Ford of the Model T, ‘as long as it’s black.’ 1. A. is B. was C. had D.has 2. A. raised B. started C. led D.appeared
  12. 3. A. putting B. operating C. using D.managing 4. A. usual B. ordinary C general D.typical 5. A. where B. which C. who D.what 6. A. a B. some C. the D.one 7. A. rich B. worth C. expensive D.dear 8. A. remaining B. staying C. keeping D.holding 9. A. meant B. decided C. planned D.intended 10. A. will B. ought C. need D. can Bài 14: RUNNING SHOES Running is now very popular both as a sport and as a way of keeping fit. Even if you only run a short (1)___ once or twice a week, you (2)___ to make sure you wear good shoes. (3)___is a lot of choice nowadays in running shoes. First of all, decide how (4)___ you want to (5)___ on your shoes. Then find a pair which fits you well. Be prepared to (6)___ different sizes in different types of shoe. Women’s shoes are made narrower (7)___ men’s and, although most women will find a woman’s shoe which suits them, there is no (8)___ why woman can’t wear a man’s shoe. The same is true for a man - (9)___ a woman’s shoe fits you better, then wear it. Take your time in the shop. If you (10)___ a mistake and buy the wrong shoes, your feet will let you know. 1. A. distance B. path C. line D. length 2. A. would B. should C. need D. must 3. A. It B. there C. This D. That 4. A. far B. long C. many D. much 5. A. spend B. buy C. charge D. pay
  13. 6. A. experiment B. ask C. try D. look 7. A. as B. like C. than D. from 8. A. fact B. reason C. knowledge D. choice 9. A. since B. because C. so D. if 10. A. do B. make C. cause D. decide Bài 15. SUPER HERO A superhero is a fictional character with special powers. (1)___ the first Superman story was written in the USA in 1938, superheroes have (2)___ in various comic books around the world. But more recently they have (3)___linking V___ better known (ADJ) as film characters. (4)___ superhero powers vary widely, superhuman strength and the ability to fly are common. (5)___ superheroes do not have special powers but have (6)___ other important abilities. In order to protect friends and family, a superhero’s identity is normally (7)___ secret, which often means superheroes have a complicated double life. (8)___ have been successful superheroes in countries other than the USA. Examples (9)___ Cybersix from Argentina and the heroes of AK comics from Egypt. Japan is the only country that has created as many superhero characters as the USA. However, most Japanese superheroes are short-lived. While American entertainment companies reinvent superheroes, (10)___ they will stay popular, Japanese companies frequently introduce new characters. 1. A. until B. since C. from D. before 2. A. shown B. entered C. come D. appeared 3. A. become B. returned C. changed D. grown 4. A. because B. if C. although D. so 5. A. Each B. Some C. Another D. Both
  14. 6. A. made B. increased C. prepared D. developed 7. A. held B. put C. kept D. got 8. A. these B. that C. there D. those 9. A consist B. involve C. contain D. include 10. A. hoping B. requiring C. needing D. asking Bài 16. THE GRAND CANYON The Grand Canyon in the United States was created by the River Colorado. People visit the Grand Canyon Park to go walking and running but (1)___ to look at the view. It is a wonderful view made (2)___ better by the Skywalk. The distance (3)___ the Skywalk to the bottom of the Grand Canyon is 1219 metres. It is a platform (4)___ walls and floor are built of glass (5)___ that you can see the beautiful rocks of the canyon. Up to 120 people are allowed to stand on it at the same (6)___. It opened in 2007 and since (7)___ thousands of people have used it. You have to (8)___ special covers over your shoes to (9)___ scratching the glass beneath your feet. Walking onto the Skywalk makes you (10)___ like a bird floating high up in the air. 1. A. hugely B. mainly chủ yếu C. greatly D.completely 2. A. already B. such C. more D. even 3. A. from B. through C. by D. for 4. A. who B. where C. whose D. which 5. A. therefore B. although C. so D. because 6. A. day B. period C. hour D. time 7. A. then B. there C. that D. this 8. A. take B. wear C. dress D.change
  15. 9. A. avoid B. keep C. hold D. let 10. A. believe B. wish C. consider D. feel Bài 17. THE TIGER In 1973, when the tiger appeared to be facing extinction, the World Wide Fund for Nature and the Indian Government agreed to set (1)___ “Operation Tiger”-a campaign to save this threatened creature. They started by creating nine special parks (2)___ that tigers could live in safety. The first was at Ranthambhore, a region (3)___ was quickly turning into a desert (4)___ too much of the grass was being eaten by the local people’s cattle. At the time there were just fourteen tigers left there. The government had to clear twelve small villages, which meant moving nearly 1,000 people and 10,000 cattle so the land (5)___ be handed back to nature. Today, Ranthambhore is a very different place, with grass tall (6)___ for tigers to hide in, and there are now at least forty of them (7)___ the park, wandering freely about. Other animals have also benefited. For example (INSTANT), there are many (8)___ deer and monkeys than before. The people (9)___ were moved are now living in better conditions. They live in new villages away (10)___ the tiger park, with schools, temples and fresh water supplies. There are now sixteen such tiger parks in India and the animal’s future looks a little safer. 1. A. in B. down C. up D. on 2. A. for B. order C. such D. so 3. A. in which B. with which C. for which D. which 4. A. because B. although C. despite D. but 5. A. can B. could C. will D. might 6. A. much B. enough C. too D. so 7. A. near B. outside C. within D. leaving 8. A. fewer B. more C. better D. less 9. A. that B. which C. whose D. by who
  16. 10. A. off B. to C. far D. from Bài 18. NOISY COWS A farmer in the French Alps is being (1)___ to court because his cows are too noisy. (2)___ say the cowbells on his herd at a village near the town of Annecy are keeping them (3)___ at night. Hugh Schofield reports from Paris: Michel Deronzier grazes his herd of 70 dairy (4)___ on fields just outside the village of Villaz, in the pastoral bliss of a French Alpine mountainside. Several of the animals (5)___ cowbells - not for decoration, he insists, but for the very (6)___ reason that they can be more easily (7)___ if they stray. But several of Monsieur Deronzier's neighbours have had enough. They say that the constant chiming of the cowbells is stopping them (8)___, and now one of them has (9)___ a suit at the courts demanding that the herd be (10)___ away. 1. A. sent B. taken C. carried D. brought 2. A. residents B. neighbors C. inhabitants D. dwellers 3. A. awake B. alert C. wakened D. waking 4. A. cattle B. stock C. livestock D. farm animals 5. A. carry B. have C. wear D. put 6. A. real B. practical C. realistic D. practicable 7. A. spotted B. localized C. located D. recognized 8. A. sleeping B. being asleep C. getting sleep D. being sleepy 9. A. summed up B. brought C. summoned D. filed 10. A. held B. stored C. kept D. done
  17. Bài 19. WHY DOES ENGLISH BECOME AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE Why does English (1)___ an international language meanwhile Chinese is used by more than (2)___ of the world ? There are some (3)___ causes. In the nineteen century Great Britain became (4)___ after the Industrial Revolution. The English Empire (5)___ many other countries and made them as their colonies. English was (6)___ used there. Gradually, those countries spoke English as their native language or second language. After the World War II, the United State, one of the English – speaking (7)___, become the most powerful and so then more people speak English. English Grammar is rather easy and simple compared (8)___ other languages. However, English learners, even the native speakers, sometimes have trouble with English (9)___ That can be overcome. A lot of (10)___ methods are available to help them. 1. A. be B. become C. get D. have 2. A. fifth- one B. first – fifth C. one – fifth D. one – five 3. A. main B. mean C. uneasy D. unreasonable 4. A. power B. powerless C. powerful D. powerfully 5. A. hit B. took C. kept D. conquered 6. A. rarely B. officially C. friendly D. hardly 7. A. states B. distances C. countries D. cities 8. A. with B. from C. in D. on 9. A. dictation B. written C. spoken D. spelling 10. A. teaching B. cooking C. writing D. doing
  18. Bài 20: ART FACTORIES Several years ago an old factory on the edge of Paris was turned into an exhibition centre. This helped many artists (1)___ had found it too expensive to work in the centre of Paris, and so for the (2)___ few years painters, musicians, actors and other people (3)___ had space to work and perform. For the past + khoảng TG : + HTHT The people behind the idea now (4)___ to change the use of other old buildings (5)___ the same reasons. Sometimes the use of the buildings can only (6)___ for a short period of time, a year for example, (7)___ the opportunity is always worth it for the young artists. On one occasion a businessman lent an old building (8)___ the organizers for two years, and in that time the artists were (9)___ to put on concerts, art exhibitions and fashion shows to (10)___ the local people. 1. A. which B. some C. who D. those 2. A. other B. past C. late D. remaining 3. A. have B. must C. would D. had 4. A. think B. like C. go D. want 5. A. with B. by C. beyond D. for 6. A. take B. be C. seem D. have 7. A. but B. so C. because D. since 8. A. for B. IN C. to D. from 9. A. suitable B. able C. better D. successful 10. A. attract B. bring C. provide D. enjoy