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  1. ÔN THI CÔNG CHỨC THUẾ TRẮC NGHIỆM 2016 PHẦN 1: VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR A. Cùng động từ, khác dạng về thời/ Finite and Non-finite verbs/ Phrasal verbs 1. “Where ?” “In London.” a. were you born b. are you born c. have you been born c. did you born 2. Nam . to school alone if Tam doesn’t come. a. goes b. will go c. had gone d. went 3.We . do everything we can to help you! a. do b. shall do c. would do d. had done 4. I’ll have Mary the umbrella to you immediately. a. take b. to take c. taking d. took 5. His daughter nearly fell off the ladder. She nearly . a. fell in b. fell over c. fell down d. fell away 6. what he is saying? a. Do you understand b. Did you understand c. You understand d. You understood 7. I wish I . a famous singer. a. am b. be c. will be d. were 8. It’s 5 months since I last to her. a. talk b. talking c. talked d. have talked 9. “Can we begin the test?” “We can’t unless the teacher so.” a. will say b. is saying c. shall say d. says 10. When was the last time she her bedroom? a. cleaned b. clean c. have cleaned d. are cleaning 11. Whose child he is? a. do you think b. have you thought c. will you think d. were you thinking 12. I felt embarrassed when I in front of the class. a. stand up b. will stand up c. stood up d. are standing up 13. . games without asking me for my permission. a. Do not play b. Not play c. Won’t play d. Didn’t play 14. Never . too much wine. a. drink b. have drunk c. to drink d. drinking 15. I am working. Please do talking. a. stopping b. stopped c. being stopped d. stop 16. The new proposals for students loans should be a. be taking b. takes c. take d. taken 17. This time next week, they . to London. a. will be flying b. will fly c. are flying d. have flown 18. Now, let’s the original with the copy. 1
  2. a. comparing b. compares c. compared d. compare 19. Let me a look at this picture. a. had b. has c. is having d. have 20. My mother is always complaining about us from school. a. to meet b. meeting c. to collect d. collecting 21. Something right in what he says. a. be b. would be c. being d. is 22. Can you tell Jack I in a little late. a. had been b. am being c. be d. will be 23. Please . more slowly. a. spoke b. speak c. speaking d. to speak 24. We shouldn’t . them what they want. a. give b. gave c. to give d. had given 25. How about to Nha Trang? a. travel b. travelling c. to travel d. travels 26. Remember . the door before going to bed. a. locking b. to lock c. locked d. not locking 27. I am expected the result of last exam. a. knowing b. to know c. know d. knew 28. If you didn’t follow his advice, you . a fool. a. will be b. would be c. would be d. would have been 29. Nancy talks as if she everything. a. knows b. had known c. knew d. not know 30. His father was so angry that he didn’t dare . a. to come b. to coming c. coming d. came 31. Many things which we can do now couldn’t years ago. a. do b. done c. being done d. be done 32. She would play well if she more. a. practiced b. practices c. practicing d. practice 33. Tell me what you on the way to school this morning. a. see b. saw c. had seen d. seen 34. She eating since they arrived. a. doesn’t finish b. hasn’t finished c. didn’t finish d. not finish 35. Since the time the prices considerably. a. have risen b. rose c. rise d. had risen 36. They were very strict. They wouldn’t let her daughter . back home after 10 p.m. a. come b. coming c. came d. to come 37. He wishes she . to him before she went and bought that house. a. spoke b. have spoken c. had spoken d. would have spoken 38. When he was young, he used to . camping with his friends. a. going b. went c. have gone d. go 39. You needn’t back again. 2
  3. a. came b. to come c. come d. coming 40. Look! The people over there . in a queue . for their turn. a. is standing / to wait b. stand / to wait c. are standing / to wait d. is standing / waiting 41. If you see Daisy, . you mind her to meet me? a. will reminding b. will to remind c. would reminding d. would to remind 42. Dick . for Singapore as soon as he about your accident. a. had left / was informed b. had left / had been informed c. leaves/ has been informed d. left / was informed 43. If he ., please wake me up. a. would come b. will come c. had come d. comes 44. at 3 p.m., John was thought the suspect. a. Seen and left / be b. To be seen leaving / to be c. Seen leaving / to be d. He seen and left / to be 45. Fish were among the earliest forms of life. Fish . on earth for ages and ages. a. existed b. are existing c. exists d. have existed 46. I . her that much money. a. oppose to lend b. oppose to lending c. am opposed to lend d. am opposed to lending 47. Lan . to the hospital yesterday evening but nobody took her there. a. could go b. would go c. should have gone d. must have gone 48. Tom was a really intelligent boy when we were in high school . I still remember very intelligent and strange questions. a. his asking b. asking him c. him to ask d. his being asked 49. “Did you enjoy the film?” “Yes, but I don’t think the actors performed as well as they ” a. do b. have done c. once did d. did 50. I want to her why we can’t go. a. would explain b. explained c. to explain d. will explain 51. There’s no need to get . just because I am a few minutes late. a. annoyed b. annoying c. annoy d. annoys 52. He feels dizzy but he expects the feeling will pass in a minute. a. off b. on c. by d. from 53. When I picked up my pen, I found that the nib a. broke b. had broken c. has broken d. had been breaking 54. Our teacher appeared after we . for him for fifteen minutes. a. was waiting b. have waited c. had waited d. waiting 55. He confessed to . the bicycle. a. steal b. stealing c. be stolen d. to steal 56. “You have been spending a great deal of money lately.” “You’re right. I need to on my expenses.” a. cut out b. cut up c. cut down d. cut away 3
  4. B. Từ mang nghĩa từ vựng: cùng loại từ nhưng khác nhau về nghĩa hay các dùng: Nouns, Verbs, Adj, Adverb, . 1. It was an extraordinary villa. It was quite a. extreme b. funny c. big d. exceptional 2. His answer was so confused that the teacher could hardly make any of it at all. a. meaning b. interpretation c. intelligibility d. sense 3. There were a great deal of machinery. This means there a. was one big machine b. was one big engine c. were many machines c. was one powerful machine 4. Mr Pike’s passport . last month, so he will have to get a new one. a. ended b. elapsed c. expired d. researched 5. Hospitals were built with the profits. They were built with the . a. benefits b. earnings c. winnings d. excesses 6. This girl was fast asleep. She had a . sleep. a. deeply b. sound c. quick d. soundly 7. He got a ladder from the shed. He one. a. fetched b. took c. brought d. carried 8. She couldn’t her children to his care. a. admit b. confide c. trust d. convince 9. My boss spoke in a sarcastic voice. He spoke in a . voice. a. critical b. laughing c. despicable d. mocking 10. If I walk in with muddy boots, Dad always . me. a. scolds b. beats c. rebukes d. a & c 11. When the company had to close because of economics difficulties, he became a. inconsiderate b. affected c. redundant d. concerned 12. This summer resort is absolutely wonderful and I’d it to anyone. a. recommend b. talk c. praise d. accommodate 13. We had to walk since we couldn’t . to take a bus. a. afford b. be wealthy c. supply d. furnish 14. After retiring, my aunt spent her on an expensive holiday. a. dollars b. accounts c. savings d. cheques 15. My is collecting coins from all over the world. a. pastime b. career c. business d. vocation 16. Mr. Pike should . the speech of the welcome. a. do b. make c. have d. speak 17. Smoking is in many companies in our country. a. permitted b. taught c. banned d. stopped 18. The clerk had to the conversation to wait on a customer. a. break off b. hurry c. continue d. begin 19. A lot of people left school at 16 and they now leaving so early. a. sorry b. regret c. confuse d. worry 4
  5. 20. This man was defeated in the elections. He was a. conquered b. won c. beaten d. destroyed 21. We what the weather’s going to be like next Sunday. a. think b. suppose c. wonder d. demand 22. I didn’t recognize the man until he turned round to me. a. look b. face c. stare d. head 23. He did everything he could to attract her : shouted, whistled, waved his arms but she still didn’t see him. a. attention b. notice c. recognition d. eyesight\ 24. Mary was with friends at school because she always made them laugh. a. familiar b. considerate c. popular d. attractive 25. The boy’s teachers . him to improve his drawing. a. encouraged b. insisted c. made d. persisted 26. We shall always not going on a trip to London when we had a chance. a. forget b. detest c. resent d. regret 27. The old clown was in a sight, standing there with tears running down his cheeks. a. harmful b. pitiful c. careless d. blameless 28. His grandmother was suddenly . ill during the night and died the following afternoon. a. fallen b. taken c. got d. become 29. Her teachers were . that she passed the examination. a. anxious b. mad c. concerned d. delighted 30. Their hosts them a very warm welcome. a. did b. had c. made d. gave 31. Hello! – Oh, I’m awfully sorry. I you for a close friend of mine. a. neglected b. mistook c. thought d. mislaid 32. Could you hold the ladder . while I climb up and pick the coconuts. a. firm b. solid c. steady d. rigid 33. Can you the results of the coming general elections? a. foretold b. forecast c. foresaw d. forwarned 34. We can’t go wrong if we the instructions. a. follow b. take c. guide d. keep 35. I usually like history, but I didn’t care for the last year. We did nineteenth century European history. It was boring. a. syllabus b. study c. plan d. timetable 36. Smoke from factories is a kind of . a. fertilizer b. smog c. pollutant d. vapour 37. Politicians often write their . at the end of their careers. a. memories b. memoirs c. remembrances d. souvenirs 38. Farmers can . their land by yearly rotation of crops. a. keep b. protect c. prevent d. draining 39. That athlete hopes to . a new world record. 5
  6. a. do b. make c. build d. fix 40. What to see her at the stadium! a. the surprise b. surprise c. a surprise d. surprising 41. She spent all on a new modern car. a. the money she had saved b. the money she had borrowed c. the money she borrowed d. the money she had lent 42. She at the beautiful model standing by the counter. a. glanced b. stared at c. watched carefully d. paid attention to 43. We can’t help laughing. There are some excellent . in this magazine. a. jokes b. laughters c. reviews d. comments 44. Our companies should . with foreign companies. a. compare b. cooperate c. solve d. borrow 45. He is very , so he goes to see a doctor. a. overweight b. healthy c. gaining weight d. losing weight 46. All of us have seen the arrival or departure of migrating . of birds. a. flocks b. herds c. fleets d. schools 47. Banking is the activity of banks. a. business b. barter c. technology d. society 48. When you want to go on a camping trip, you’d better bring to sleep in. a. tools b. food c. cooker d. a tent 49. Before Daisy went to bed, she the lights. a. closed b. turned on c. closed up d. switched off 50. She advised us to wait for him for a while. She advised us to wait a. patiently b. for a short time c. for a minute d. for a long time 51. You had better put breakable ornaments out of when your child is playing around. a. reach b. hand c. hold d. place 52. A gust of wind swept the bed of the roof. The wind blew very . a. hard b. fast c. quickly d. soon 53. After telling Lan that she would be dismissed, her colleague silent for a moment. a. keep b. remained c. talked d. whispered 54. There was a good . of the mountain from my grandmother’s cottage. a. sight b. view c. scene d. scenery 55. Smoking is a bad . of yours. a. practice b. habit c. custom d. usage 56. Sam read the thief’s note. In this sentence, “note” means a. coin b. message c. cheque d. money 57. We all him good luck when he decided to emigrate. a. gave b. told c. wished d. said 58. I’ve got a very good with the BBC. a. task b. work c. profession d. job 59. How long does it to get to London? 6
  7. a. take b. make c. need d. want 60. He is of the dark so he never goes out late at night. a. doubtful b. separated c. afraid d. care ful C. Từ mang nghĩa ngữ pháp: giới từ, từ nối, liên từ, đại từ quan hệ, 1. There wear ten million viewers in all. That was the a. all b. whole c. result d. total 2. It was lovely weather that we spent the whole day on the beach. a. so b. such a c. so a d. such 3. She couldn’t skate then . her foot problem. a. because of b. because c. although d. as 4. Peter won’t be home for dinner this evening. a. this b. a c. no word is needed d. the 5. . you do, please don’t go too near the edge of the cliff. a. Wherever b. However c. Whatever d. Whenever 6. Jane looks she’s been pulled through a hedge backwards! a. as b. like c. as if d. whether 7. She has been gazing out of the window . since it started to snow. a. always b. ever c. fairly d. already 8. He possibly be Charles’s father. He doesn’t look old enough. a. mustn’t b. shouldn’t c. can’t d. needn’t 9. “I think we’d better bring John this discussion.” The teacher said. “He’s got a lot of experience in this field.” a. up against b. in on c. round to d. up with 10. You . better stay at home so as not to give flu to others. a. should b. have to c. had d. have 11. There was nothing for it to get off the bus and walk back home. a. other b. but c. otherwise d. than 12. . my opinion, we should reorganize the whole company. a. As far as b. To c. According d. In 13. When I first visited Moscow, I couldn’t get used the cold weather. a. with b. to c. for d. in 14. He can’t stop. He’s his way to a very important meeting. a. on b. out of c. in d. towards 15. Tuition at this University runs one thousand pounds a semester. a. so high as b. as high to c. as high as d. as high than 16. Tell me you are looking for and I will try to help you. a. that b. what c. who d. which 17. You’d better drink more water, ? a. hadn’t you b. had you c. wouldn’t you d. didn’t you 18. Why do you always believe in everything . he says? a. who b. which c. when d. what 7
  8. 19. One of the reasons why the French wished to establish colonies in the New World some of them wanted to escape religious persecution at home. a. was because b. was that c. were because d. were that 20. We think that we will elect Mr. Brown . a. for our chairman b. be our chairman c. being our chairman d. our chairman 21. The building . they built last year was damaged by the storm last night. a. who b. when c. that d. where 22. Some of my friends are taking extra classes in English . become tourist guides. a. so that b. so as c. in order that d. so as to 23. Do you know the name of the restaurant we had dinner in last night? a. where b. what c. when d. which 24. In a fortnight, there are . days. a. ten b. twelve c. forty d. fourteen 25. The swamp contained thousands of fish. a. much b. one c. many d. few 26. John is sixteen years old, but Mary, his sister, is only eight. a. He is older than his sister two times. b. He is twice as old as his sister. c. His sister is twice as young as him. d. He is two twice as older as his sister. 27. Michael and his friend were badly injured in the last match, so can play today. a. both of them b. neither one of them c. neither of them d. not any of them 28. Mary put a . on the letter. a. five-cents stamp b. five-cent stamp c. stamp of five cents d. five-cent stamps 29. Ten pupils, none of got good marks, took last examination. a. who b. which c. whom d. whose 30. Their houses are on the same hill. His is hers. a. over b. on c. above d. upon 31. We quarreled the choice of a house. a. on b. over c. for d. to 32. “Are you going to the movies?” “If Betty goes, ” a. I do so b. so go I c. so I’ll go d. so will I 33. “Why haven’t these letters been mailed?” “Well, Dane said she would get someone tomorrow.” a. for mailing them b. mailing them c. will mail them d. to mail them 34. the better she seems to feel. a. When she takes more medicine b. The more medicine she takes c. Taking more of the medicine d. More medicine taken 35. The musician is a person plays a musical instrument. 8
  9. a. that b. which c. when d. whom 36. “Charles has lived in Tokyo for thirteen years.” “Yes, but he doesn’t understand Japanese.” a. already b. yet c. still d. anymore 37. I thought you said Jane was going away this summer, ? a. didn’t I b. didn’t you c. wasn’t she d. wasn’t it 38. I often go to visit my friends in Hue, . is 80 miles away. a. who b. which c. what d. where 39. “ will the train start?” “In a few minutes’ time.” a. When b. How long c. How long ago d. How much 40. The reason . he didn’t attend your party was obvious. a. when b. why c. which d. who 41. Mr. Nam, is a doctor, eats in this restaurant everyday. a. when b. where c. why d. who 42. Mary, children are at school all day, is free and wants to get a job. a. Who b. whose c. whom d. which 43. Don’t drink too much beer, will make us fat. a. which b. when c. who d. whom 44. She has bought some more food . her friends stay to dinner. a. in case b. if c. provided d. as long as 45. The noise the naughty boy made woke his father up. a. whose b. which c. when d. whom 46. We saw wild animals while on vacation. a. a lot b. a little c. a few d. much 47. Are you looking forward on your vacation? a. to go b. for going c. to going d. at going 9
  10. D. TỪ CÓ CÙNG GỐC TỪ, KHÁC LOẠI (Danh từ, động từ, tính từ, trạng từ) 1. Commodities were sent from various parts of the world. They came from . parts. a. difference b. same c. different d. differently 2. An old man taught her how . the violin. a. play b. playing c. to play d. played 3. He doesn’t want to let me he was going out. a. to know b. knew c. knows d. know 4. The boys speak English a. fluent b. fluently c. fluency d. fluencyly 5. Some people are used to bicycle trips to the countryside every Sunday. a. rode b. ridden c. ride d. riding 6. Charlie is very irritated by loud noises. a. easily b. easy c. easyment d. easiness 7. People said that 85% of all these accidents were caused by drivers’ a. care b. careless c. carelessness d. careful 8. ‘Do you think we’d better offer Mr. Brown a drink?” “No. He looks ” a. comfortable b. real comfortable c. comfort d. comfortably 9. Which would you . , milk or coffee? a. preference b. preferential c. prefer d. preferable 10. Were they . when their team won the match? a. satisfied b. satisfying c. satisfactory d. satisfy 11. Jean continued to be an man. a. energy b. energetic c. energetically d. energetics 12. The girl’s . was incomprehensible to the head teacher. a. behaves b. behavior c. behavioral d. behaviorism 13. Have you ever experienced pain? a. intensive b. intense c. strong d. intensify 14. Nam’s parents are very with his success. a. please b. pleasant c. pleasing d. pleased 15. Are you losing your ? a. remembrance b. memory c. memorize d. remember 16. Do you constantly feel ? a. exhausted b. exhausting c. exhaustedly d. exhaust 17. Do you ever find it difficult to ? a. breath b. breathe c. breathy d. breathless 18. Nokia has large in China. a. sellers b. selling c. sales d. sale 19. Ericsson is one of Nokia’s . . a. competition b. competitive c. competes d. competitors 20. Berli Jucker Group is one of Thailand’s oldest trading . a. organization b. organizing c. organizers d. organizations 21. He looked very when I told him the news. A. happily B. happy C. happiness D. was happy 22. These flowers smell A. sweet B. sweetly C. sweetness D. being sweet 23. They didn’t want to make radios because of the from larger companies. 10
  11. a. competitive b. compete c. competition d. competitor 24. He works for an . company. a. advertisement b. advertiser c. advertise d. advertising 25. There will be a great at the National Gallery next Monday. a. exhibit b. exhibiting c. exhibition d. exhibiter 26. Give us some idea of what you believe are your and weaknesses. a. strength b. strengths c. force d. forces 27. As a (an) language, English is spoken widely by a very large number of people. a. national b. nation c. native d. international 28. It’s a good place to take clients. They have live A. entertain B. entertaining C. entertainment D. entertained 29. The results show a connection between money and . A. happy B. happiness C. happily D. unhappy 30. Being able to communicate with business partners . is a must in business. A. Efficient B. efficiency C. efficiently D. inefficient E. XÁC ĐỊNH TỪ HAY CỤM TỪ TRONG MỖI CÂU (A, B, C HAY D) CẦN SỬA Identify the one underlined word or phrase A, B, C, or D that should be corrected or rewritten: 1. The eyes of some fish enable them to see not only what is going on in the water A B around them and also in the air above the surface. C D 2. Potatoes, rice, spaghetti, and other starchy foods are cooked in order to open the grains A B that the starch can be more easily digested. C D 3. Charles Darwin was the first to maintain that all animal and plant life on earth had A B evolved and was descent from a few, simple forms of the past. C D 4. Clouds, foggy, and dust in the atmosphere absorb ultra-violet rays. A B C D 5. A university is usually composed of an undergraduate college of arts and sciences, plus A B graduate schools and professional schooling or facilities. C D 6. We know that man is not the only creature to make use of tools but the chimpanzees A B both as the finches make use of them too. C D 7. Scientists believed that even although pain is a very real thing to some extent, it seems A B C D to be learned. 8. William Cullen Bryant both was a brilliant poet, and the distinguished editor of the New A B C D York Evening Post from 1829 to 1878. 11
  12. 9. Day and night are a result of the earth spinning on its axis because that a given place A B C periods of sunlight and shadow during a twenty-four-hour period. D 10. Thunder is rarely heard beyond 15 miles because of temperature and wind vary at A B C different heights in the region around a thunderstorm. D 11. Some gestures, such as methods of counting nor insulting, vary from society to society A B and are clearly learned. C D 12. Frank Lloyd Wright, the well-known architect, believed that a home should be usable A B both as a beautiful structure. C D 13. With the aid of ultra-sound, dolphins can not only sense obstacles in their path, A B and also identify, from the quality of the echo, the nature of the objects ahead. C D 14. Since Darwin’s time, the theory of natural selection has been debated and tested, A B refined, qualified, and elaborate. C D 15. Beriberi had long been a common and a seriously disease in parts of the world where A B C polished rice was the staple food. D 16. Because the outer surface of an airplane is made almost entirely of metal lightning A B currents penetrate seldom to the interior or affect passengers. C D 17. Scientists believe that the pupil response is too sensitive that it can detect A differences too slight to be expressed verbally. B C D 18. An animal has to eat great quantities of plants in order to extract calories enough to A B C sustain itself. D 19. A tornado travels usually in a northeasterly direction, at a speed, in the range of 35 to A B C 45 miles an hour, and is preceded by heavy rain. D 20. When the eggs of the Nile crocodile are close to hatching, the young within make A B piping calls which are too loud that they can be heard from several yards. C D 12
  13. PHẦN 2: SENTENCES Choose the best option to rewrite given sentences, keep the same meaning. 1. Can people use the sea to produce electricity? a. Can the sea be used to produce electricity? b. Can people be used the sea to produce electricity? c. Can the sea be used by people to produce electricity? d. Can the sea to be used to produce electricity? 2. They will build a bridge over the river in my hometown next year. a. A bridge will built over the river in my hometown next year. b. A bridge will have been built over the river in my hometown next year. c. A bridge will be built over the river in my hometown next year. d. A bridge will build the river in my hometown next year. 3. “Peter will become our team member”, said Mary. a. Mary said that Peter become their team member. b. Mary said that Peter became their team member. c. Mary said that Peter would become their team member. d. Mary said that Peter will become their team member. 4. That skirt is too small for my daughter to wear. a. My daughter doesn’t like to wear that skirt. b. My daughter is too small to wear that skirt. c. That skirt isn’t big enough for my daughter to wear. d. That skirt is big for my daughter to wear. 5. The new doctor gave her a health check las year. a. She was giving a health check by the new doctor next year. b. She was give a health check by the new doctor next year. c. She was given a health check by the new doctor next year. d. She gave a health check by the new doctor next year. 6. Smith is better at football than any other sport. a. Football is Smith’s best sport. b. Football is better than any other sport. c. Smith likes all kinds of sport. d. Smith prefers any other sport to football. 7. Rose plays the piano really well. a. Rose is really good at playing the piano. b. Piano is the best to Rose. c. Rose loves only playing the piano. d. Playing the piano is Rose’s best hobby. 8. There are only few houses in the village. a. There are many houses in the village. b. There are a lot of house in the village. c. There are much houses in the village. d. The village has only few houses. 13
  14. 9. Jane is just 17. She can’t go to vote. a. Jane is not interested in voting because she is just 17. b. Jane is not old enough to go to vote. c. Jane can’t go to vote for 17 years. d. Jane is old to go to vote. 10. You can buy newspapers in these shops. a. Newspapers can be bought in these shops. b. These shops can buy newspapers. c. You are bought newspapers in these shops. d. These shops can be bought newspapers. 11. Why don’t you stay in bed for a few days. a. You should buy a new bed to stay. b. You have stayed in bed for a few days. c. If I were you, I would stay in bed for a few days. d. If I were you, I will stay in bed for a few days. 12. He let his son go to London for the weekend. a. He son should go to London with him for the weekend. b. He was allowed to go to London with his son for the weekend. c. He allowed his son to go to London for the weekend. d. His son could to go to London for the weekend. 13. I was so bored by his lecture. I left. a. His lecture was so boring that I left. b. I was so boring with his lecture that I left. c. His lecture was so bored that I left. d. He was not so boring but I left. 14. Joe started learning French six years ago. a. Joe has been learning French six years ago. b. Joe has been learning French for six years. c. Joe started learning French for six years. d. Joe has been starting French for six years. 15. She walked quietly. She didn’t want to wake the baby. a. She walked quietly so she didn’t want to wake the baby. b. She walked such quietly that she didn’t want to wake the baby. c. She walked quietly although she didn’t want to wake the baby. d. She walked quietly because she didn’t want to wake the baby. 16. We like field events. We like team games. a. We like field events more than team games. b. We like field events but also team games. c. We like both field events but also team games. d. We like not only field events but also team games. 17. Being the only child in the family, I was often lonely. a. Although I am the only child in the family, I was often lonely. b. Because of I am the only child in the family, I was often lonely. 14
  15. c. Because I was the only child in the family, I was often lonely. d. I was often lonely so I was the only child in the family. 18. Rose wanted John to take her to the station. a. John wanted to see Rose at the station. b. Rose was asked John to take her to the station. c. Rose took John to the station. d. Rose had John take her to the station. 19. Nickel and silver do not differ greatly in appearance. a. There is great difference between nickel and silver. b. The difference in appearance between nickel and silver is not great. c. The difference between nickel and silver is great. d. Appearance between nickel and silver is great. 20. It’s a long time since or last conversation. a. We had a conversation for a long time. b. Our conversation lasted a long time. c. We haven’t talked to each other for a long time. d. Our last conversation was long. 21. There was never any answer when we rang. a. We had no answer when it rang. b. Every time we rang, there wasn’t any answer. c. We had no answer although it rang. d. When it rang, we did not answer. 22. Look at how black the sky is! The rain is coming. a. Look at how black the sky is! It has rained. b. Look at how black the sky is! It is going to rain. c. Look at how black the sky is! The rain is going. d. Look at how black the sky is! It is raining. 23. What is the price of your Macbook Air? a. How much does your Macbook Air cost? b. What is your Macbook Air? c. How much is your Macbook Air cost? d. How does your Macbook Air cost? 24. I thought the shirt would cost more than it did. a. This short cost much more than I had. b. The shirt cost less than I had thought. c. I thought the shirt was too expensive. d. I didn’t think the shirt would be expensive. 25. This city doesn’t have any good restaurants. a. The restaurants in this city are very good. b. There are no good restaurants in this city. c. The restaurants in this city are not as good as I thought. d. The restaurants in this city are not so bad. 26. Barbara is the tallest girl in her class. 15