Đề thi thử viên chức môn Tiếng Anh trình độ A1 - Đề số 2

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Nội dung text: Đề thi thử viên chức môn Tiếng Anh trình độ A1 - Đề số 2

  1. ĐỀ SỐ 2: Choose the best option to complete the sentence. Câu hỏi 1 (1 điểm) She doesn't have much money ___ she is very happy. A. but B. and C. because D. or Câu hỏi 2 (1 điểm) Can I have a hot coffee? I feel ___ . A. safe B. warm C. bored D. cold Câu hỏi 3 (1 điểm) It was ___ summer when I first met him. A. late B. dark C. possible D. quick Câu hỏi 4 (1 điểm) I went to town ___ did some shopping. A. or B. but C. and
  2. D. because Câu hỏi 5 (1 điểm) She is a ___ teacher. Every student in our school knows her. A. light B. famous C. dark D. different Câu hỏi 6 (1 điểm) I like him very much ___ I don't like his brother. A. or B. but C. and D. because Câu hỏi 7 (1 điểm) It isn't possible to buy clothes at 4 a.m The shops are ___ . A. closed B. cheap C. open D. expensive Câu hỏi 8 (1 điểm) Your book is good but I even have a ___ one. A. different B. better C. difficult
  3. D. best Câu hỏi 9 (1 điểm) She is my ___ friend. I like her very much. A. best B. boring C. bad D. better Câu hỏi 10 (1 điểm) I am bored because the party is very ___ . A. boring B. different C. exciting D. beautiful Câu hỏi 11 (1 điểm) She can't buy that car. It is ___ . A. safe B. expensive C. different D. nice Câu hỏi 12 (1 điểm) The beach is ___ and the water is clean. A. boring B. brown C. bad D. beautiful
  4. Câu hỏi 13 (1 điểm) We can't go out tonight ___ we don't have money. A. and B. because C. or D. but Câu hỏi 14 (1 điểm) We walked to the station ___ caught the train. A. and B. because C. but D. or Câu hỏi 15 (1 điểm) He enjoys learning languages ___ he finds them difficult. A. but B. or C. and D. because Câu hỏi 16 (1 điểm) My father isn't ___ . He is only 1.6 meters. A. short B. old C. long D. tall Câu hỏi 17 (1 điểm) I really like your garden. It is very ___ .
  5. A. fine B. nice C. well D. much Câu hỏi 18 (1 điểm) You can go to zoo ___ the park. Where would you like to go? A. and B. because C. or D. but Câu hỏi 19 (1 điểm) My mother bought me a ___ doll when I was small. A. fine B. long C. short D. big Câu hỏi 20 (1 điểm) I can't see his face because it is very ___ . A. late B. early C. little D. dark Câu hỏi 21 (1 điểm) Meeting friends at the weekend is ___ . A. early
  6. B. favorite C. expensive D. interesting Câu hỏi 22 (1 điểm) He is ___ because his mother isn't well. A. sad B. bored C. happy D. excited Câu hỏi 23 (1 điểm) Learning English is ___ to your job. A. exciting B. important C. different D. right Câu hỏi 24 (1 điểm) They didn't go to work ___ they didn't feel well. A. and B. but C. because D. or Câu hỏi 25 (1 điểm) That student is ___ . He can learn very well. A. beautiful B. important
  7. C. clever D. difficult Câu hỏi 26 (1 điểm) The students are looking at the ___ board in the classroom. A. red B. black C. brown D. yellow Câu hỏi 27 (1 điểm) Living in the city is interesting ___ expensive. A. or B. but C. and D. because Câu hỏi 28 (1 điểm) I can clean your room ___ cook dinner. Which one do you want me to do? A. because B. and C. but D. or Câu hỏi 29 (1 điểm) She is ___ because she doesn't eat much. A. slim B. slow C. fat
  8. D. fast Câu hỏi 30 (1 điểm) Travelling to school by bus is ___ . It only takes me five minutes. A. safe B. long C. far D. fast ĐÁP ÁN: 1. A 2. D 3. A 4. C 5. B 6. B 7. A 8. B 9. A 10. A 11. B 12. D 13. B 14. A 15. A 16. D 17. B 18. C 19. D 20. D 21. D 22. A 23. B 24. C 25. C 26. B 27. B 28. B 29. A 30. D >> Quý thầy cô có thể tham khảo thêm tài liệu ôn thi viên chức môn Luật tại: